Hands-on Christmas Activities for Children

Christmas for kids is one of the most exciting times of the year! We have plenty of free Christmas Activities for Children at Sea of Knowledge.

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Benefits of Hands-on Christmas Activities for Kids

  • They will develop cognitive, fine motor, critical thinking skills and more. I made these books to help preschool kids practice their skills and ‘learn while they play’.
  • Most of the activities in the binder are based on play. They will get to use materials such as magnetic letters, play dough, string (for threading), number cards and much more!
  • This binder is perfect for long road trips, long haul flights, in home or preschool use. Use and re-use this binder countless times! 

Christmas activities for 18 month olds

Here is a list of some super cute Christmas crafts you can do with with kids who have little hands.

Alphabet Christmas Activities for Children

Christmas Printable Busy Books for Children

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Benefits of Busy Books / Learning Binders

These Interactive Learning Books are great for:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Kids develop their fine motor skills
  • Kids develop their imagination skills
  • Children will develop their literacy and math skills while playing
  • Great play ideas for children
  • Mothers will get some time to themselves as their kids work on their learning binders
  • Teachers can use these books to develop fine motor skills in the classroom

And so much more!

What you will need to put these binders together:

Putting the book together:

Choose which book you’d like to use with your preschooler and be sure to print the mats double sided. What I like to do is print the pages I want one at a time. Be sure to have two play mats on one page. This saves you a lot of paper and lamination pockets (so you would have 5 play mats but 10 activities in one binder).

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