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Holiday Worksheets Activities and Games for Kids

Looking for the ultimate fun holiday worksheets activities and games for kids? This page will house all the printables you might like to see around the holiday period like winter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year! Check the links below and download the free printables.

Christmas Fine Motor Preschool Bundle

Welcome to a treasure trove of engaging and skill-enhancing activities designed exclusively for preschoolers!

Our collection of 20 printable fine motor activity centers is a vibrant assortment aimed at fostering essential developmental skills in young learners.

From threading and tracing to sorting and building, these activities are meticulously crafted to inspire curiosity, refine motor coordination, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Join us on this enriching journey as we delve into a world of creativity and skill-building tailored for the budding minds of preschoolers!

Be sure to grab the full bundle of 72 resources for FREE this season from the link below.

Christmas Printable Busy Book PDF

Embarking on the magical journey of early childhood development during the festive season is an enchanting experience. Dive into a world of joy and learning with our 20-page printable busy book, specially crafted with a delightful Christmas theme for toddlers.

These interactive pages aren’t just filled with holiday cheer; they’re designed to ignite imagination, nurture fine motor skills, and encourage cognitive growth in your little ones. Let’s explore this engaging adventure tailored to spark joy and learning during the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas activity booklet printable
Christmas Learning Busy Book Binder Preschool Age 4-5 – Personalised

These printables on this blog target skills like literacy, math, letter knowledge, social emotional skills and more!

Christmas Counting Worksheets Crafts

Kindergarten math games are a great way to introduce kids to the basics of math.

They can help kids with their basic understanding of numbers and counting as well as their number sense skills.

Christmas Maths Games

These Christmas Maths Games are perfect for when you need low prep activities for the month of November and December.

Christmas Math Nonstandard Measurement Printables

Engage your students with hands-on activities that focus on using nonstandard units of measurement to find length and record their results.

This file includes Christmas themed Santa Elves of various sizes. These easy low prep Christmas measurement mats are just perfect for that!

Christmas Activity Book

This Christmas themed learning binder includes activities to suit 2 and 3 year olds. They will develop cognitive, fine motor, critical thinking skills and more.

These printable binder pages are now editable.

The particular name pages will autofill once you input your own text.

Choose the skills you want to work on, print and place them inside a plastic sleeve and you’re ready to use them.

Christmas Activities for Kindergarten

Christmas Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten, these hands on fine motor activities activities and centers will get your kiddos so motivated to learn.

There are activities to practice alphabet recognition, upper and lowercase letters, sight words, number order, counting and much more! 

Christmas Nativity Scene Builder

Is there a more fun way to celebrate Christmas than to use a Christmas Nativity Scene Printable Binder?

Christmas is born Jesus Story Printable Busy Book Page

Well, at least for us there isn’t! Haha. Ever since I discovered Printable Binders.

I’ve been utterly obsessed, so I’m slowly creating several themed ones and each day I think of a new theme!

40+ Free Christmas printable activity sheets

Christmas for kids is one of the most exciting times of the year! We have plenty of free Printable Christmas Activity Sheets at Sea of Knowledge.

These printables on this blog target skills like literacy, math, letter knowledge, social emotional skills and more!

Mitten Number Activities Preschool

Looking for fun and engaging activities that incorporate Winter Fine Motor Skills for 3 Year Olds? 

These free centers are sure to get your students engaged in learning!

Christmas Fine Motor Printable Activities

Kids will love this activity set, work on letter recognition, object discrimination, counting and subitizing and more.

You can find the full set of Christmas Fine Motor Tubs for Preschool here.

Christmas CVC I Spy Printable Mats

Get ready to infuse the spirit of the holidays into learning with our Christmas-themed CVC I Spy printable pages! Designed to combine festive cheer with essential literacy skills, these interactive sheets invite kids to embark on a captivating hunt for CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words amidst delightful holiday scenes.

But that’s not all—this book goes a step further, offering an editable feature that allows customization for tailored learning experiences. Join us as we celebrate the magic of Christmas while honing early reading abilities through engaging I Spy adventures!

This 40 Page editable set is only available HERE for the week beginning 20th November – 24th November. So get it here while you can!

>>> Click here to download the limited time free bundle of editable CVC I Spy mats (Christmas Theme)

Christmas CVC printable worksheets

I’ve also included this super cute Christmas CVC word find printable binder. ALL for free during the limited holiday bundle giveaway.

Christmas Color By Number

Get ready to sprinkle some holiday magic into your preschoolers’ learning with our Christmas Color By Number activity bundle! This festive pack is a perfect blend of fun and educational excitement, tailored specifically for the little ones.

Inside this jolly bundle, your preschoolers will discover a wonderland of Christmas-themed images just waiting to be brought to life with colors.

From cheerful Santa Claus and adorable reindeer to twinkling Christmas trees and delightful presents, every page is bursting with holiday charm.

Designed with simplicity in mind, these color-by-number sheets are ideal for tiny hands and developing minds. Each numbered section corresponds to a specific color, making it a breeze for young learners to follow along. It’s not just about coloring; it’s a fantastic way for them to practice number recognition and hand-eye coordination while getting into the festive spirit.

This bundle isn’t just about entertainment—it’s a sneakily educational activity too! As they happily color, your preschoolers will also refine their fine motor skills and learn to differentiate between colors and numbers, all while reveling in the joy of the holiday season.

Engage your little ones in this merry adventure and watch their faces light up as they create their very own Christmas masterpieces. Spread the joy of learning and celebration with our Christmas Color By Number activity bundle—it’s the perfect way to infuse the holiday season with creativity and learning for your preschoolers!

Plastic Link Chain Counting (Christmas Tree)

Today, I’ll be jazzing up our math session with a super cool activity: Plastic Link Chain Counting, but with a festive twist – we’re making Christmas trees! >> Get this free printable below.

I’ll dive into this fun task, guiding the kids as we link those chains to create colorful Christmas trees while practicing our counting skills. It’s like decorating and learning math at the same time!

I’ll lead the way as we stack those chains and count our way to some seriously awesome Christmas tree creations. Let’s make math merry and bright with this hands-on activity!

Here’s a guide on using these task cards for a fun learning activity:

Print the Task Cards: Start by printing out the task cards. Ensure they are clear and easily readable for the kids.

Prepare the Christmas Tree Cards: These cards likely have numbers on them. Use a hole puncher to create holes where the numbers are displayed on the cards, making sure the holes are large enough for the plastic loops to fit through.

Introduce the Activity: Explain the activity to the kids, showing them the task cards and the Christmas tree cards. Let them know they’ll be matching the numbers using plastic loops to create festive Christmas trees.

Distribute the Materials: Hand out the task cards and the plastic loops to each child or group of children.

Engage in the Activity: Encourage the kids to look at the numbers on the task cards and find the corresponding holes on the Christmas tree cards. They’ll then use the plastic loops to link through the holes, matching the numbers and creating a decorated Christmas tree!

Guide and Assist: Offer guidance and assistance as needed, ensuring the kids understand the task and are linking the plastic loops to the correct numbers.

Encourage Creativity: While the main focus is on matching the numbers, allow the kids to get creative with how they link the loops. They can explore patterns or colors to make their Christmas trees even more festive!

Review and Celebrate: Once they’ve finished, review their creations together, celebrating their efforts and reinforcing the numbers they’ve matched.

>>> Free Christmas Tree Counting Links Templates <<<

Remember, this activity not only reinforces number recognition but also allows for fine motor skill development and a fun, hands-on approach to learning math during the holiday season!

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