Christmas Homeschool Literacy Preschool Printable Busy Book Pages

Christmas Nativity Scene Printable Busy Book Binder Pages

Is there a more fun way to celebrate Christmas than to use a Christmas Nativity Scene Printable Binder? Well, at least for us there isn’t! Haha. Ever since I discovered Printable Binders. I’ve been utterly obsessed, so I’m slowly creating several themed ones and each day I think of a new theme!

Christmas Nativity Story free printable binder page for preschoolers and kindergarten kids

My kids seem to absolutely LOVE them! They will generally be fussy with these kinds of ‘sit-down’ activities, but because printable learning binders are used with manipulatives, they love feeling and working with these that they actually get engrossed in the learning theme and skill.

Before I begin talking about this printable book’s marvellous setup. What’s been the highlight of your week? This week has been a good one! I managed to NOT have 3 cups of coffee a day, and __ and finally finished uploading and posting this book! It really is an accomplishment, since these days, I’m lucky if I get one thing done by end of day.

Free Printable Quiet Book Templates How to Guide

In this section, I talk a little on how you can create your very own printable quiet book. It’s important to note that there are many ways to create busy books, but I find printable busy books to be one of the best ways you can make these, and I’m here to tell you why!

What Are printable busy binderS?

If you’ve never heard of preschool printable busy books, then you’re probably wondering what they are. These books are made with basically super cheap materials you can get on hand anywhere, Costco, Target, Amazon! And you can print and use them at home.

They are mainly used with preschool and kindergarten kids but they are slowly being adopted for use with older primary students.

How do you put the Christmas Printable Binder Page together?

There’s an easy way to do that, firstly, here are the materials you will need:

  • Plastic insert slips
  • Counters or mini erasers for counting manipulatives (optional) all the pieces you need are included in the printable pack (found with this download below!
  • Lamintor
  • Lamination pockets
  • Velcro hooks
  • Sticky tack (optional) I’ll show you how I used this instead of velcro
Christmas Nativity Scene story prompts printable busy book page for preschoolers
Christmas Nativity Scene Printable Busy Book Pages

How to Make these christmas printable binder pages

Firstly, print the mats in full colour. Then place the mat into a plastic sleeve sheet protector. Print the pieces and laminate them. Cut out the pieces and place sticky tack on the back of each piece. This, I found was the best and super quick way to move the pieces around. And the kids can add them to any place they want on the mat.

Super Fun and Effective ways to use them

Have a binder for each age group or for each child and then add printable binder pages as you go throughout the year!

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Grab your free Christmas Nativity Scene Printable Here

These mats are now on TPT.


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