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Must See Great ESL Games for Learners of all Levels

Looking for some great ESL games to use in the classroom? Or maybe even online! These games include some easy and simple tools you have on hand right now. With the rise of the online teaching, come digital games! And many of them that is.

Classroom games for ESL students
Great ESL Games for Learners of all Levels

Firstly I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five highlights from my week! 🙂

  1. This week I blogged about 10 awesome website links to practice listening with your ELL students. I always find it difficult to find these resources and at times – my voice needs a break! 🙂 Click on the image below to check them out!
ESL listening games and websites

I also plan on uploading this freebie soon! Students count the ten frames and then match the sun with the number in total. SO much fun especially for March (St.Patrick’s Day & spring for our U.S and Canadian friends). This will be an exclusive freebie to blog subscribers only, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, go ahead and do so!! You will get the count and clip cards free (shown below) before they disappear!

This freebie counting ten frames with rainbows is now available here.


Non-fiction Books for ESL Students

2. So this week, we read some nonfiction task cards about Easter. These are fun! Many forget the real reason behind Easter, these cards serve to explain the true meaning and the reason for the season! PS already so excited about Easter that a bought 6 packs of choco Easter eggs (they were on sale for $7) haha.


3. I printed these autumn language arts activity pages for use with my ESL learners. They LOVE these interactive pages. 🙂


In other app news, I downloaded the Kindle app recently and I really don’t know why I hadn’t downloaded it before now. I always thought that the Kindle comes with the Kindle reader only?? So silly haha! But I did! And now, I must say I’m obsessed. I have wish-listed quite a few books, including some Children’s books which I love! I mostly likely finding books about math concepts, I find these quite clever and it helps build on the child’s knowledge about literacy and numeracy.

Great ESL Games Online

Last year, we were virtually teaching most pf the year. There are some advantages of being thrown in the deep end. You end up with a bank if resources you can depend on when the need arises. I used so many games with my students because let’s face it, 5 hours of online teaching a day can become quite tedious. This post is a result of those hours of research finding great websites for Great ESL Games.

  • Questioning games, I like using games like questionnaires where students ask and answer questions about themselves or the topic online. This will in turn help develop more speaking and listening skills AND it allows for open discussion. I like using It includes many ways in which you could make and create quizzes, activities and games online to play with your students!
  • Category Games: these games are so easy to make and use within the classroom. I like to create my own, but here is a list of category games online.

ESL Team Games

  • Speaking and Listening Questionnaires: These are SUPER handy and I spent a lot of time creating these last year. These basically include different topics with the same format, so that students aren’t confused. You basically choose a topic and then have the students interview their classmates to fill in their responses. It works great online too!

I hope these ideas help you this year, in the coming months as you navigate online teaching or classroom delivery!


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