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End of Year Memory Graduation Lapbook

End of Year Memory Graduation Lapbook. Looking for a new way to engage your students and create a keepsake for the year? This lapbook will sure do the trick! I created this upon request and it was so much fun.


The best this about this lapbook is that it is completely versatile. You could choose to print any page you would like to use. You can even add your own images and cut outs depending on what you’d like to add to it! I like the comical style of the lapbook so it serves a purpose! 🙂

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Here are some more images of the activity:



There are two call out bubbles for the writing prompts ‘what I didn’t know before…’ and ‘what I know now…’. This encourages the kids to reflect about what they’ve learned.

You can also get kids to take a picture of themselves to cut it out and place it into the circle below. 🙂


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