The Ultimate List of Play Dough Printable Mats

Looking for the ultimate list of Play Dough Printable Mats? Look no further. This page includes all the play dough learning mats found at the Sea of Knowledge with new additions throughout the year!

The Ultimate List of Play Dough Printable Mats

Repetition and practice are key to build learning skills. Kids learn to read, write and spell their sight words by exposure. These fun Play Dough Learning Mats include so many ways in which you could incorporate teaching literacy, math skills and more in your class or homeschool.

Here’s a list of hands-on mess free play dough learning mats to get even the most reluctant kids reading, writing and counting! They have been tried and tested and ready for you to use in your daily planning to enhance your kids’ learning skills.

Play Dough Learning Mats

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Click the this link to get your copy of some fun printable summer themed Play Dough Printable Mats.. We will add printable games and activities often so keep this page bookmarked and come back often!

Literacy Play Dough Printable Mats

Do your kids love race cars or transportation vehicles? Have them work on these super cute race car themed play dough mats!!


This mat is so much fun! Kids will use play dough to 'stomp' on the Dino paws once they identify the matching letter they found. There are uppercase letter cards as well as lowercase. You can differentiate this to suit the children in your group. Need a quiet book that requires no sewing? Fun, fine motor Dinosaur Printable Learning Book! Differentiate this and use it with kids ages 3-5. Get your book inside! #dinosauractivities #busybook #preschool #preschoolteacher

Math Play Dough Learning Mats

hese fun play dough mats work on building counting skills, forming numbers, shapes and more!


Preschool Fine Motor Christmas Centers and Activities: preschool kids need lots and lots of hands-on activities. These centers include hands-on fine motor math and literacy centers to help engage every preschooler this season! Download your free printables from this post! #freeprintables #free #kids #christmas

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