Fun Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games

Need fun ways to work on letter activities? These kindergarten letter recognition games are perfect for that! Add some fun building blocks to your tubs, along with some dice and you’re good to go! Alphabet recognition games are so much.

Below, I’ll share some super fun games that you can play in class to help your preschoolers and kindergarten kids develop letter names and letter sounds.

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Fun and free Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games
Fun and free Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games * this post contains affiliate links

Letters of the alphabet fun game

Alphabet games are a super fun way to review lowercase letters and uppercase letters in any group activity at home or in class.

Letter identification skills are essential in this age group.

One great way to review letters is to use magnetic letters in small group activities.

alphabet matching games

Alphabet matching games – alphabet soup printables.

I love to include fine motor skills to review ANY skill in preschool. 

Letter recognition activities sensory bins

If you’re looking to add some fun sensory bin games, throw a bunch of building Lego blocks into a tub and add some mats for the kids to work on.

You could even have the kids build letters and create a game of alphabetical order practice. 

Letter of the alphabet games

Children learn the alphabet by associating letters with words they know and images that they can relate to.

This is why creating games like these ones below will help kids associate the letter with the sound too. 

In this game (shared at the end of this post) – kids will roll the die, say they roll a “2”, then find the corresponding letter, say the name of the letter like “L”, then they will build their picture with two lego blocks.

Letter search and match activity printables FREE
Letter search and match activity printables FREE

They continue this until they build their whole picture on the mat. 

How do you develop letter recognition skills?

This is usually done by creating a story or game that has a beginning, middle and end. The child learns the letter-sound relationship, as well as letter names.

Young children respond well to ABC games. Play a scavenger hunt with young learners.

Grab some letter cards, either lower case letters or upper case letters and then have the kids find those letters around the room.

These are just some different ways to play recognition games with alphabet letters. 

Matching letter games

On this blog, I share lots and lots of alphabet matching games. I love to create printable alphabet matching games that kids respond to, especially alphabet activities while teaching letter recognition. 

Some more ideas to play matching letter games, add some alphabet song ideas like the ones below, alphabet books and more! It’s the best way to develop alphabet recognition. 

One of my favorite letter recognition game activities is to play these I spy letter games using the mats below.

Alphabet I Spy Printables Winter

I spy letter search and find activity mats FREE.

These are SO much fun! Kids respond to these great ideas so well. It’s a simple I spy game but even using a simple way or method can go a long way in the classroom. 

Letter formation extra practice

While I work a lot of alphabet recognition, we also work a lot on letter formation.

I mostly use these editable mats to incorporate letter writing practice. 

These mats are editable and include many different versions in there for fine motor practice. 

Letter-sound correspondence

It is important for kids to learn their ABCs. It helps them with literacy, communication, and cognitive development.

ABCs are the building blocks of reading and writing. 

Kids who learn their ABCs are more likely to do better in school and have a higher chance of getting into a good college.

It is never too early to start teaching your children the alphabet!

Teaching letters is usually a first step, then the letter-sound connection.

Use different objects with simple games to help kids understand the letter sound connection. This also develops reading skills.

Creative ideas for teaching the English alphabet

Children develop phonological awareness and letter knowledge through exposure to print. 

This is accomplished through reading, writing, and playing with letters.

There are many ways to teach children the alphabet.

 One of the most popular methods is using flashcards. 

Flashcards are a great way to introduce letter sounds because they’re easy to make and they can be used in a variety of ways.

A kindergarten teacher may use a simple game to start with, using perhaps single letters. You could even do paper plate activities. Alphabet knowledge begins with simple games. 

Little hands LOVE sensory activities too, so do not forget to incorporate those!

Practice letter recognition with special needs kids

Kids in special needs require a lot more patience and language development over time. Don’t be despaired if they struggle with letter recognition at first, they will need an easy way to learn them without having a complicated game in front of them. 

I LOVE using these alphabet matching puzzles for kids in special needs.

Alphabet recognition games

They are simple to print, print on large display poster size OR just on normal A4 paper and have them build to match the picture puzzles to the puzzle on the grid to build the picture. 

Fun learning games letter hunts

If your kindergarten students LOVE letter hunts, have them do these I spy printable mats in the classroom, they are also a great letter recognition intervention activity. Below are the free ones listed on this blog. 

Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games Printables

Fun and free Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games
Fun and free Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games * this post contains affiliate links

Ready to try these printable game mats in your classroom?

Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games Printables
Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games Printables

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