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Alphabet Matching Game Printable Ideas Hands-on Free Printables

What do you get when you combine alphabet matching game printable ideas with many different colourful themes? Fun effortless learning games. Kids will love these spectacular hands-on alphabet activities. Some of these printables also include alphabet matching cards in which you can continue to use throughout the year.

Alphabet Matching Cards Hands-on Activities

Repetition and practice are key to developing outstanding literacy skills. So you will need tons of alphabet matching cards and activities for your classroom.

Little learners will love these themed printables – print them out, laminate them and use them year in and out!

Here’s a list of hands-on alphabet matching cards which are sure to make teaching alphabet recognition EASY! 

They have been tested in the classroom and are guaranteed to motivate your kids to love learning literacy!

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Click the blue links to get some fun alphabet activities. We will be adding more alphabet activities, so be sure to check in again.

Alphabet matching cards are a great activity for children to learn the alphabet and to practice their matching skills. Alphabet cards can be used in many ways with a variety of age groups.

Matching: Place all the letters A through Z on the floor, table or other flat surface, mixed together.

Have children lay down on their backs, and pick up letters one at a time from the pile.

When they find a letter that matches the one they chose, they should put it back in its place in the pile. The next player picks up another letter and tries to find a match for it too.

Alphabet Matching Cards for Preschool Kids

Santa Alphabet Matching Cards – What do you get when you combine Santa alphabet matching cards with a Santa theme? This great self-correcting puzzle activity will keep your students engaged for hours.

Alphabet Matching Cards Santa Theme
Alphabet Matching Cards Santa Theme

Owls Alphabet Matching Cards – Whooo wouldn’t love these adorable Owls alphabet matching cards? These cards would make a great addition to your centers. Kids will love finding the matching letters and placing them on the logs.

Alphabet Matching Owls on a Log

Burgers Alphabet Matching Cards – The best kind of burgers to make! Who wouldn’t love these adorable Burger alphabet matching cards? 

Burgers Alphabet Matching Cards
Burgers Alphabet Matching Cards

These cards would make a great addition to your centers! Kids will love finding and linking the puzzles together!

Free Back to School Activities – these printable ABC bear cards are the cutest cards! They come in full colour and black and white.

Alphabet Roll and Color Owl Theme – What better way to get some new, fun and exciting alphabet printables than using some owl themed roll and color printable pages.

ABC Owl FREE Roll and Color Printables
ABC Owl FREE Roll and Color Printables

These Alphabet Roll and Color Owl Themed activity pages are so much fun to use! They require zero prep and are quite easy to set up!

Valentine Penguin Alphabet Matching Cards – Teaching alphabet recognition?

I know how hard it can be trying to find ideas to teach the alphabet let alone finding things that can motivate kids to want to learn.

These Valentine Penguin Alphabet Matching Cards will be a hit with your students.

Learning the alphabet activities

Young children are very curious about letters. They learn to read and write by learning the alphabet, which is a sequence of letters that represent the sounds we use in speaking.

It is important for kids to know and have the alphabet in order because it helps them read and spell words.

A set of alphabet matching cards can be used as a classroom activity or just for fun at home. Children who play with these cards will find themselves learning their ABCs while having fun!

Kids can also make their own alphabet matching cards by printing out pictures of objects that start with each letter.

More Fun Letter Matching Activities

These Snowman Themed Alphabet Matching Cards and Snowman Beginning Sounds Activities will make a great winter themed activity for preschoolers.

Alphabet Shape Match Koala Theme – Need a fun way to get preschoolers matching their alphabet letters and shapes?

These fun mats provide enough engagement and learning in one activity! Kids will love matching the ‘eucalyptus leaves’ to each missing piece.

Alphabet Matching Uppercase Lowercase Easter Chicks Free -These fun Spring themed alphabet printables are just the perfect addition to any preschool classroom or homeschool.

The kids will enjoy hunting for the ‘alphabet eggs’ and matching the letters onto their mats.

Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Identification Clip Cards Apple Trees – Need a fun way to get students to practice identifying upper and lowercase alphabet letters?

This fun apple themed clipping activity will be a hit with your students! ESL students will benefit from this as well.

It’s a perfect way to add some fine motor activities to your centers.

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Alphabet Matching Cards for Kindergarten Kids

Alphabet Identification Activity Roll and Color Easter Themed -There are many ways to practice alphabet identification skills.

I love finding new and fun ways to get kids learning their alphabet sounds and print formation. This activity incorporates both sounds and print.

Feed the Monster Alphabet Puzzles – Looking for a fun and engaging way to practice upper and lowercase alphabet whilst developing fine motor skills all along?

Check out these fun puzzles and ‘feed the monster’ activity over at Totschooling.

Alphabet Upper and Lowercase Matching with Beginning Sounds Flower Pot – Alphabet Upper and Lowercase Matching with Beginning Sounds.

Kids love playing puzzles, they will love matching the flowers to the correct pots in this fun phonics game!

Dr Seuss Alphabet Match Free – Dr Seuss Alphabet Match Free. What a great way to get the kids identifying and matching their letters than with a Dr. Seuss fun filled letter matching activity.


It’s essential that kids know the sounds of the alphabet as well as identifying their matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

Alphabet Upper and Lowercase Football Matching CardsAlphabet Upper and Lowercase Football Matching Cards: Looking for a fun way to practice alphabet upper and lowercase letters during football season?

These fun cards make kids excited about learning! Especially the kids who LOVE football.

Letter Tracing Activities Winter Theme Fantastic Multi-sensory Clip Cards!

These cards will make a great fine motor AND letter formation activity center.

More Letter Matching Cards Created By Sea of Knowledge

Looking for a value bundle with FANTASTIC hands-on activities to teach your child at home?

Looking for a great activity to accompany these letter matching cards?

This Play Dough Learning Mats Bundle Kit – Activity Mats for the Whole Year will be a HIT with your students.

Inspire your students to LOVE their alphabet, sight words, numbers and shapes by using dough! These mats are a fun way to practice forming letters, sight words, numbers and shapes. It’s also great fine motor practice.

Click on the image to learn more about the activities included in this bundle. You can also see it here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Bookmark this page and come back to it often to see more free Alphabet Matching Printable Games and ideas!

Get your copy of 250+ a bundle of printable alphabet worksheets and activities for FREE
250+ page FREE Alphabet Mega Bundle


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