Teaching Number Sense – Over 50 Free Hands-on Learning Activities

Over the years, I’ve compiled some tried and tested hands-on classroom activities to help you in teaching number sense. Whether you’re looking for ways to teach and build number sense to cover things like counting, composing and decomposing numbers, number bonds, reading and writing numbers, identifying numbers, matching number digits with their corresponding items, ten frames, place value and much more!

Teaching Number Sense

Hands-on activities matter especially to younger learners, you will find that these activities aren’t just typical worksheets.

These are great for teachers, parents, tutors, and homeschool families. Come back often or bookmark the page, we add new resources regularly for more teaching activities and printables.

Teaching Number Sense – Activities

Here are some must see resources for teaching number recognition, number sense, counting and more!

Click on each image to see each resource in action. It’s essential that we create a learning enronment with plenty of ways to practice number sense. These help students gain a better understanding of math concepts. Appealing to many different types of learners is essential.

Click to download your copy of over 30 FREE activities for teaching number sense: counting, composing numbers, dough number mats and much more!
Click to download your copy of over 30 FREE activities for teaching number sense: counting, composing numbers, dough number mats and much more!

Ice Cream Math Activity

Looking for a fun way to practice math number values? This ice cream math activity will have every students actively involved in learning math.

The numbers go up to 25, you can choose the set you want to use depending on your students’ needs. The students than begin by choosing a cone and reading the heading on it ‘less than < 10’ and they try to find the numbers ‘scoops’ to go on top of the cone. FUN!

ice cream math activity

Holiday Themed Counting Cards and Puzzles

These holiday themed counting cards and puzzles will make for great math practice during certain holidays or times of the year. Click on each image to download the activity. 

These fun and free number sense printables will have your kids engaged in learning math skills. It’s such an important step to have many different resources to cater for different learning styles.

One of my favorite ways to play math games is with dice, check out this super cute printable activity with bears:

Feed the Bear Roll the dice game

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Cut & Paste Math Activities

There are SO many ways to engage kids in math. These fun and free cut and paste math activities will help your kids visualise the concepts as they show their answers on each interactive page! Grab this FREE set from the post here. Using math cut and paste activities for first grade is a great way to help engage and motivate kids to learn. They are always excited to show their work!

Cut and paste math activities first grade

Free Christmas Math Puzzles to get your kids LOVING math!

Free CHristmas Math Puzzles
Free CHristmas Math Puzzles