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Free Montessori Inspired Farm Animals Counting to 5 and 10 Puzzles

These Montessori inspired counting mats will engage and inspire your preschoolers to learn their number order! Laminate these and use and re-use the mats to your heart’s content. Pull them out when your kids need a quick and fun activity on the road or at home.

This activity will go perfectly with this mega Montessori inspired spring flip book for 3-4 year olds. Laminate these and place them in the same ring binder which includes skills to cover language, name letters, shapes, math, emotions and much much more!

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Preschool Kids will LOVE this set of fun number puzzles. The images used are real-life images of farm animals that kids can easily identify. They will use sort the number puzzles in order to make a full puzzle. Number puzzles 1-5 and 1-10 are included in this pack along with the mats (which you could print back to back and add them to the Montessori Themed Spring Flip Book for 3 Year Olds). Help them develop their number sense and number order with these mats.

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors (to cut and separate the cards)
  • Laminator

Print as many sets as you need for the number of groups in your class. If you are using these in a center, it’s a great idea if you have an extra set just in case you want another group to get started on the activity. There are 10 puzzles in total (5 for 1-5 piece puzzles and 5 for 1-10 piece puzzles).

Looking for some more Montessori themed farm activites for 3 year olds and over? Check out this fine motor farm animals mat. This is included in the FULL spring Montessori binder.

There are 3 different types of mats for this one – identifying farm animals and placing counters or cubes on each animal they identify, and then making X or crosses against the ones that don’t belong. They also get to build the letter F with building cubes! FUN!



Montessori Number Farm Counting Puzzles

Need your preschool kids to practice their number order? Laminate these mats and store them in your math centers for a quick and easy pull out and use activity. After you’ve laminated the mats, store the number puzzles with rubber bands and in plastic slips or folders. Allow the kids to identify the numbers as they begin to place them in order on the mat, encourage them to guess what the farm animal might be – that is the fun in these number order puzzles!

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