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Less than Greater than Math Activity with Ice Cream!

“Less than, greater than” math activity: there are a variety of math activities to get the kids counting, measuring and tallying numbers. How about a less than, greater than, equal to activity? This one came from a fun pack of ice cream clipart I ran across!


For this activity, you will need:

  • “Less than, greater than” printable pages of programmed cones and scoops (below)
  • laminator
  • scissors

That’s it!

You can even choose not to laminate it – but I think it is always better to for durability. 🙂

Before you start the “Less than, greater than” activity, do some revision on:

  • counting
  • estimating
  • comparing
  • number sense
  • addition

I prepared the activity for a group of three children ages (5 & 6).

Have the ‘scoops’ on one side and the ‘cones’ on the other.

"Less than, greater than" Math Activity



The numbers go up to 25, you can choose the set you want to use depending on your students’ needs. The students than begin by choosing a cone and reading the heading on it ‘less than < 10’ and they try to find the numbers ‘scoops’ to go on top of the cone. FUN!



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Are you ready to work on Less than, greater than with your kids?




  • Hi ! I can’t seem to find the download for the ice cream scoops. Am I missing them? haha ! 🙂 thank u!! Super cute activity!!

    • Hi Melanie 🙂 thanks for stopping by! The download should be at the bottom of the post – if not you’ll probably see a subscription box and the link will show up right after! Hope this helps.

      • Hello Yara,
        I would like to downloud your ice cream scoops, but i can’t do it, and at the botton of the post there isn’t any to click and downloud.

        • Hi Francesca, it should be at the bottom of the post – I have made the link more visible by enlarging the font. This is one of my older posts so it doesn’t have the large rectangular click here box. Please try again – it should work after you’ve entered your email address. 🙂

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