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Spider Counting Game Make 10

Students will have so much fun counting and making 10 with this engaging Spider Counting Game Make 10. Add this game to your fall or Halloween centers this year. Students will have so much fun while using a bingo dauber to dab a dot and then draw spider legs in each box as they count on to make ten.

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Spider Counting Game Make 10

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Bingo daubers / Dot Markers
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Black marker

Spider Counting Game Make 10

Print as many copies of the activity sheet as you need per student.  If the students aren’t familiar ‘dot marking’, it’s a good idea to show them how to do so (maybe on the board and show them how to draw little spider legs). They will get the hang of it fast! Laminate the sheets if you like to re-use the activity over and over!

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Spider Counting Game Make 10

Students will be somewhat familiar with counting on, this game can be used in preschool or kindergarten. Students will develop their counting on skills as well as their addition skills. You can also cut up the strips instead of having them all on one sheet (numbers to ten are included in the ten frame).

Spider Counting Game Make 10

If students are working in a group, get each student to start ‘dabbing a dot’ in each box to make a spider. They will then count on from the number of spiders they see in each ten frame (for example 1 spider and 9 spiders make 10). Continue this until the students have finished all their cards. Walk around to make sure that all students are doing this correctly, the idea is that they are able to recognize how many spiders are on the ten frame and how many more they need to make a total of 10. For added practice, you can use manipulatives to get the students to show how many spiders make ten with colored counters (2 red counters and 8 green counters make 10 and so on).

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