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Unicorn Counting Cards Teaching Number Sense FREE Printable Cards!

Looking for a fun way to get kids to count and show their numbers? Grab these Unicorn Counting Cards Teaching Number Sense and some play dough tubs and you’re set! These fun unicorn themed count and build play dough mats will be a great way for the kids to learn math AND laugh!

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These activities will pair well with this Ultimate Play Dough Bundle which includes math & literacy. I will show some of the activities included in that bundle throughout this post!

Unicorn Counting Cards Teaching Number Sense

This activity is great for preschoolers and kindergarten kids just working on their count to ten skills. The idea that they will identify the numeral, count and then build that many ‘unicorn poop’ balls on the card.

***NOTE: the link to the free download is at the end of this blog post.***

To prepare

  • Download the cards (from the link below)
  • Print on Card stock or A4 paper then Laminate.
  • Cut the cards out.
  • Store them in a plastic sleeve or file folder.
  • Prepare the cards for a group of students (you can print and laminate more for more groups).
  • Play dough tubs

How to play:

After you’ve printed all the cards, have the kids choose a card at random. They will then identify the numeral on that card. Show them how to roll balls to create ‘poop’ on each card. They continue to do this until all cards are done. You can choose to create a competition between groups to complete this activity too!

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Download Unicorn Counting Cards Teaching Number Sense

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