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Ideas for the 100th Day of School for Special Needs

There are so many ways we could celebrate with our students, because teachers love seeing how well their students have developed their skills over 100 days, some of these projects are so exciting and fun! If you’re looking for some fun and innovative ideas for the 100th Day of School, this post will outline some super fun projects you could do and many of these can be adapted across different grade levels.

100 days school project ideas
Ideas for the 100th Day of School * Please note that affiliate links are included in this post.

100 Days of School Ideas

There are so many simple ideas to choose from, whether your students love to craft, write, or even play. It’s hard to find special needs resources and materials, that’s why I’ve compiled this list to help you choose to use the resources that would suit your own group of students. If you’re looking for some back to school ideas, check out this post here instead.

  1. Top Teacher nailed it with this bulletin board set up. Pair this with simple counting skills – so clever!

2. When I am 100 dress up. This simple idea is a great one for when you need an idea in a jiffy. Grab some super simple and inexpensive props from Amazon and you’re good to go!

100 Days of School Activities for Special Needs

The following activities are super cute and can be created with things you have on hand in the classroom.

  1. A poster of 100 things: in a special ed classroom, this can look like anything from magazines, stickers etc.
  2. 100 Signatures Poster: can be anyone’s signature and can be a great way to encourage kids to communicate with others to get their signature.
  3. 100 Names of Celebrities / Sport: also another way for students to get familiar with popular culture and the world around them.
  4. 100 exercises- 10 sets of 10 different exercises.
  5. Make a 100 day snack with 10 snacks and 10 of each.
  6. Make a self portrait of what you will look like at 100. Supplies include cotton balls for hair.
  7. Write a paper about how it feels to be 100. Hang these in the hall.
  8. Dress like You’re 100: this is a super cute way and not to mention fun way to get the whole class involved! Here are some links for ”old” people clothing for kids to wear and dress up like they’re 100.

Activities for 100th Day of School Dress Up Clothing

I hope these ideas were helpful to you! The best thing about Ideas for the 100th Day of School is to have fun! Kids love to see their progress throughout the year, the best part is to allow them to enjoy the process.

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