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What Makes a Good Friend? Ice Cream Writing Activity Craft

Friendship Writing Activity Craft: Need a new way to help kids understand the qualities of what makes a good friend? This fun activity is a great ice cream craft that can be incorporated in any writing activity craft or lesson! You can mix it up and have students describe qualities in their friend and would make for a great Friend Writing Activity Craft.

Social Skills What Makes a Good Friend Ice Cream Craft

Social Skills What Makes a Good Friend Ice Cream Craft

These can be setup so easily! They are best suited for Kindergarten or first grade kids but with a little help pre-school kids can also do this activity!

The book of the week is Mo Willem’s Should I Share My Ice Cream? This is a captivating book for kids. It helps them understand what sharing is all about and how to be selfless. The book can be found on Amazon HERE or if you click on the picture below:

What you’ll need to set it up:

  • ice cream cone and scoops templates (below)
  • colored paper
  • markers / crayons
  • pencils

Print the templates however size you wish to print them on (I printed two A4 sized cones on one paper along with the scoops) this is to save paper when printing for the whole class.

Friend Writing Activity Craft

There are two templates you can use, ones already set up with qualities of a friend and empty ones where you can add your own with the students!

Friend Writing Activity Craft

I helped the students complete this one on one in a small group setting. We discuss the quality and what it means to be ‘kind’ for instance. Then we wrote one sentence to illustrate an example of being kind and why it’s important ‘to make my friend feel happy’ or ‘to make my friend feel welcome’. Focusing on feelings is an essential part of this activity as it helped kids understand more about how important it is to make friends ‘feel’ good about themselves.

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Back to School Ideas Free Printables

You can get the kids to paste their ice cream cones onto hard construction paper for display or in their notebooks!

Friend Writing Activity Craft

Ready to download this activity?

Social Skills What Makes a Good Friend Ice Cream Craft (2)

Social Skills What Makes a Good Friend Ice Cream Craft

Click here or on the image below to download this activity!


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