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Peace Teaching Social Skills Book! Hand Painting Fun!

This adorable Peace Teaching Social Skills Book helps children understand the importance and meaning of peace. Download the printable book and use it with your students in class or at home!

After trailing the internet for some ideas on how to teach social skills, I needed something in particular to help teach the kids the true meaning of peace. Other than modeling this behaviour with your kids, how do you do it?

Kids are so impressionable, they generally will let you know if you’re in the wrong or when you’ve promised them something that you did not deliver (great to be on the receiving end of those ones right ;). This printable book can be used in a number of ways.

The best way to incorporate these skills is to actually model positive social behaviour at all times (no matter how hard this can be when student A is jumping up and down on the table and student B is throwing tantrums in the middle of your centre activities) – it is so easy to lose our cool and it takes a matter of seconds. When I started teaching, I started with a Kindergarten class and I was really, really tested!!

Peace Teaching Social Skills Book

What you’ll need:

  • Washable paint (any kind but preferably toxic free, I use this one)
  • Printable book (below).
  • Stapler
  • Scissors

How to use

Print as many Peace Printable Books as you will need for the number of students in your care/class. There are two page on one A4 page so you can print 2 pages on one to save paper. Prepare a plastic plate with a number of coloured paint so the kids can choose which colour they would like to paint their hands. I find that 1.5-2 year olds will require almost full assistance in doing this as they tend to put things in their mouths so best to monitor their use of the paint and perhaps paint their hands yourself.

Firstly, read the book and explain the meaning of the values on each page peace is trust, friendship, love, etc. Then get them to start by looking at each page and reading it if they’re capable (5 years and over).

After this, they can start painting their hand with the colour they choose! Fun! Show them how to make a print of their hand on each page after they paint it.

After this, keep the pages out so they dry up (you could have the kids write their name on each page so you could hang the pages up).

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Ready to download your Peace Teaching Social Skills Book?


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