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Ice Cream Play Dough Printable Mats

Ice Cream Play Dough Printable Mats: Children won’t even realise they’re learning as they enjoy these multi-sensory mats! Use these to practice counting and number formation skills!

Ice Cream Play Dough Printable Mats

These printable play dough learning mats are perfect for small group centers, independent practice and at home learning intervention. Kids will love identifying numbers, building the number of scoops using play dough and more!

Play dough is a great way to encourage reluctant kids to learn? In fact, it has been studied to show an increase in learning rentention in kids.

There is something very therapeutic about playing with play-dough. I know play-dough drives some
parents crazy – no matter how hard you try you always seem to get it on the bottom of your shoes
and track it around the house, but I feel the benefits far outweigh the mess.

The current benefits as outlined by

Here are the benefits:

* It’s fun!
* It helps to strengthen small fingers, hands and wrists. Fine motor control >> Children gain control over their hand and arm movements which improves coordination.
* It helps to build your child’s imagination.
* It helps children develop self esteem -there is no right or wrong way to use play dough.
* Play dough fosters cooperative play. Playing with dough with others helps children understand
the importance of sharing.
* Discussing what has been made helps build communication skills and develops imagination.
* Dividing it up can be used to help children learn about numbers and counting.
* Play dough is a lovely open ended toy – it can be anything – food, animals, faces, shapes etc.

This fun printable is available to download from Totschooling (at the end of this post)!

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Children won't even realise they're learning as they enjoy these multi-sensory Play Dough Learning Mats! Perfect for at-home play or preschools, these simple activity learning mats will get kids working on forming sight words, letters, shapes, rhyming words, CVC words, numbers and more! #preschool #freeprintable #teachers #kindergarten #teaching #homeschool #homeschooling

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More than 30 FREE Number Sense activities!

Free Number Sense Activities
Free Number Sense Activities

Ready to download your Ice Cream Number Sense Mats?

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