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10 Best Kindergarten Color Activities [Cute Crayon Craft and More]

Alright, so teaching colors to those little bundles of energy can be a tough thing, and I’ve got a great crayon craft activity that’ll make it a breeze. Plus some more fantastic kindergarten color activities you can use. No rocket science here, just good ol’ fun and a splash of colors!

Alright, so teaching colors to those little bundles of energy can be a tough thing, and I've got a great crayon craft activity that'll make it a breeze. Plus some more fantastic kindergarten color activities you can use. No rocket science here, just good ol' fun and a splash of colors!

What Are the Basic Colors Preschoolers Should Learn?

First off, let’s talk basics. Red, green, blue, pink, yellow, black, and white – these are the MVPs of the color world for our tiny tots. Keep it simple; 

Let’s break down the basics of color words for our little learners. Keep it breezy, keep it simple – after all, we’re laying the groundwork for their colorful journey through education.


  • Apples: Red is the color of those juicy apples in the fruit bowl. Picture taking a crunchy bite, and you’ve got red on your mind.
  • Ladybugs: Spotting a tiny red ladybug on a leaf is like finding a speck of happiness in the garden.


  • Grass: When they’re running barefoot on the grass, they’re stepping on the color green. It’s the hue of playtime and picnics.
  • Frogs: Imagine a little green frog hopping by – green is the color of nature’s leapers.


  • Sky: Blue is the endless sky above, where clouds drift lazily. It’s like a big, open canvas painted in calming blues.
  • Jeans: The comfy jeans they wear? Yup, that’s blue too. It’s the color of cool and casual.


  • Cupcakes: Pink is the sweet color of cupcakes with swirls of frosting. It’s the shade of birthday parties and joy.
  • Flamingos: Picture those elegant flamingos standing on one leg. Pink is the color of grace and elegance.


  • Sunshine: Yellow is the warm glow of sunshine on a bright day. It’s the color of warmth and smiles.
  • School Buses: When they see a school bus zooming by, that’s the cheerful shade of yellow. Yellow is the color of adventure.


  • Cats: Black is the color of mysterious cats with shiny fur. It’s like a color that loves to play hide and seek.
  • Tires: Look at the tires on a car – black is the color that takes you places, fast and smooth.


  • Clouds: White is the color of fluffy clouds in the sky. It’s like a canvas where they can imagine shapes and stories.
  • Snow: When winter comes and blankets everything in white, it’s like a magical world of snow adventures.

Introducing these basic color words using familiar objects adds a touch of real-life context to their learning.

So, whether they’re biting into a red apple or spotting a black cat, these color words become part of their everyday experiences. It’s not just about colors; it’s about making the world a bit more colorful for our little pals.

How to Use This Crayon Activity Craft Activity Step by Step

This super cute crayon craft activity to teach colors can be found here on TPT. Get the templates and use them over and over.

Step 1: Raid the Craft Stash

Round up the crayons, scissors, glue, and don’t forget those cutouts of colorful strips. It’s like a mini art heist, minus the drama.

Step 2: Color Storytime

Start with a mini color show and tell. Share your tales of red apples, green grass, or the time you tried painting the sky blue and ended up with a masterpiece (or not).

Step 3: Crafty Hands at Work

Now comes the fun part – hand out those strips and let the kiddos match them to the right crayon color. It’s like a color-themed treasure hunt with glue involved.

Step 4: Cut, Paste, Repeat

Guide those tiny hands as they cut and paste their way to crayon color glory. It’s not just a craft; it’s a hands-on color learning extravaganza.

The best part is you can add an element of working on name activities with the editable component.

How to Use This Craft to Help Kids Learn All About Their Colors?

So, why does this crayon caper work wonders for color education?

Colorful Associations

By linking colors to everyday things, kids start to connect the dots. Like telling them red is the color of ripe strawberries – it’s a tasty association.

Crafty Memory Boost

Cutting, pasting, and creating – it’s like a workout for their little brains. The hands-on action cements those color names in their memory. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of gluey chaos?

Show and Tell Creativity

Encourage the pint-sized Picassos to flaunt their crayon crafts. It’s not just about colors; it’s about expressing themselves and maybe discovering the next art prodigy in the process.

Extension Activities to Further Explore Colors

Don’t stop the color party – keep the good times rolling with these extras:

Rainbow Hunt

Send the kiddos on a rainbow scavenger hunt. They’ll be on a mission to find objects matching specific colors. It’s a game, not a lesson – shhh, they won’t even notice they’re learning.

Collective Rainbow Art

Bring the gang together for a colossal rainbow art project. Mixing colors and teamwork – it’s a double whammy of fun and creativity.

Technicolor Storytime

Swap your regular storybooks for ones bursting with color. Reading about a blue sky or a yellow sun makes the color lesson a storytime adventure.

In a nutshell, turning color learning into a crayon craft fiesta is like sneaking veggies into a kid’s meal – they won’t even realize it’s good for them. So, grab those crayons, cue the crafting chaos, and let the colorful magic happen! Happy coloring, folks!

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