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Count and Clip Cards and Five for Friday 30.9.16

fiveforfriday2_thumb3_thumb2_thumb[2]I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week!

  1. This week, I have been thinking a lot about giving back. So, I decided that every week there will be a discount on one of the most popular resources in my store and a FREE activity pack delivered by mail each month (to subscribers)! So check back every week to see if the unit you’re looking for is on sale and if you haven’t subscribed – do so via the bar flashing above! 😉 This week, the activity pack I’m highlighting is the Social Skills Activity Unit. It includes plenty of activities to last you through the year. It is now 20% off through till the 7th October.


2. Have you seen the latest free activity on the blog? I LOVE these ice cream cones for building social skills and what is means to be a friend. Check out the POST HERE and see all the recommended activities for the book SHould I Share My Ice cream by Mo Willems. There are TONS of fun activities for kids from Pre-k to First Grade!

Friend Writing Activity Craft

3. Is it too early to start googling and roaming Pinterest for Christmas activites? Well, Myer and Big-W unpacked their Christmas decorations – I think Googling isn’t as bad as that haha! I love this Stem build a Christmas Tree activity from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Christmas Tree Stem Play Dough and Straws Christmas tree building Project.

4. Another update for a FREE activity on the blog – have you seen the latest count and clip fairy-tale themed task cards? They are FUN and versatile! Check them out HERE.

Numbers to ten Count and Clip Cards

5. This week I’ve been working hard on completing some fun activities for my class next week since we go back to teaching after the spring holiday break; (if you ask me it does not FEEL like spring at all).

If you want to read some more about Australia, it’s right HERE. 😉 This meme sums up:

On weather: | 29 Of The Funniest Memes About Australia:

And sadly, it’s true!



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