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High Frequency Words Sentence Posters Free Set

Help students read and understand their sight words by using these fun and engaging high frequency words posters. They can be used in so many ways, place each High Frequency Words Poster in small groups and have the kids read and work on the word mats. I will outline some of these options in this post – they include a version which the students can color and make their own booklets! SO much fun!

High Frequency Sentences

First off – who wouldn’t LOVE colorful posters?? They will brighten up any room. As soon as I put these up my students’ eyes lit up! I worked on five at a time so not to overwhelm them. ūüôā

The set in this post is a sample from the FULL pack of 100 sight words (FRY LIST) which is right HERE on TPT

>>> Sight Word Sentence Posters Fry’s First 100.

>>> Sight Word Sentence Posters Fry’s Second 100.

>>> Sight Word Sentence Posters Fry’s Third 100.


High Frequency Words



What you’ll need to set these up:

  • laminator
  • scissors
  • coloring pencils
  • stapler or a binder ring
  • magnetic letters for word and sentence building task

Magnetic Letters and Words for Sentence Building Task

Do you have a bunch of magnetic letters laying about? Grab them for this fun magnetic letter center activity. Have each child match the magnetic letters to each sight word then read the sentence in context. So what I did first is choose a set of five sight words we are working on each week. I get the kids to practice these sight words throughout the week in numerous ways like finding the sight words in books we’re reading, building sight words in sand, using letter tiles to match the words they pick etc.

High Frequency Sentences

Sight Words Posters

Posters are a great visual aid that helps my students read their sight words in context so that they understand how this word is used in written and oral format. The posters include different types of sentences like questions and statements. These help the kids understand that the words can be used in different sentences to form different meanings. Do you have ESL or ELL kids in your group? My ESL kiddos LOVED these ESL posters, I even made a small version of the poster cards, laminated them and placed them in a binder ring which would make them perfect for small groups work.

That’s the set that my ESL kiddos worked on:

Second 100 High Frequency Words

Sight Word Mini Cards Color and Trace

Since I made a B&W version of these posters, I added the option of tracing in the word they are reading. This worked PERFECTLY as the kids were eager to color their posters. I stapled five posters at a time each week for my ESL kiddos to take home, show their parents and continue practicing their sight words!

Sight Words Poster

Magnetic Words for Sentence Building

Magnetic Words for Sentence Building

For this activity, you would need some magnetic letters.

Here is another way I used these poster cards with my students, I made a little tub where I placed the posters I wanted them to work on. They would choose poster at a time and find the magnetic letters to build each sight word.

ESL Posters

Frequency Sentences

This activity helped the kids learn to spell their sight words as they looked for and matched the letters. You can even place the posters on a magnetic board and have the kids build their words right on the board.

More Sight Word Activities You Will Love

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Free Sight word worksheets get your students to recognise, read, and write tricky words. Use these free sight word worksheets to build vocabulary too! #freeprintables #free #kidsactivities #preschool #kindergarten

Some of the kids were writing their words on a separate paper to further practice the words, they were also reading the sentence as they did this. My ESL students struggle with their sentence structure so these posters are a HIT with them!

Sentences Using High Frequency Words

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Free Sight Word Differentiation Activities. Grab these from the post below!

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Free Sight Word Differentiation Activities

Super FUN Sight Word Play Dough Mats!

Want a creative way to incorporate math and literacy into your daily lessons? See the Benefits of play dough here and check out the ultimate play dough learning mats kit!

Fantastic and Free Sight Word Worksheets! Don’t miss out on these fun and hands-on sight word activities. This page will be regularly updated with more an MORE sight word activities!

Free Sight Word Worksheets

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Ready to try a set of these High Frequency Posters with your students?

Before you download this free pack, you agree to the following:

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You can now download the FREE set of these posters right from the STORE HERE.

Be sure to click on the drop down menu and choose “FREE SET” before you checkout.

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