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Fun High Frequency Words Printable – Pirate Secret Code Hunt

Set up a fun High Frequency Words Pirate Secret Code Hunt using simple, DIY materials with a pirate treasure map, some dry erase pens, play dough (any kind) and sight word cards.

High Frequency Words Pirate Secret Code Hunt using simple, DIY materials with a pirate treasure map
High frequency words printable activity with beginning sounds secret codes * this post contains affiliate links.

This activity incorporates practising beginning sounds. With these sight word printable activities, kids use the phonics picture codes to work out the initial letters then see the ‘secret word’. You can use simple dough or play dough to make up an ‘island’ so the kids look for the sight words and stick them into the dough. This is hands on, pirate learning fun for all!

High Frequency Word Activity With Secret Codes

This is a great activity to add to your stations for reading sight words. Actually working with hands and remembering the letters with the sounds and then writing the sight words will be a great tool to help kids visualise their sight words.

It is very easy to setup, once you download the file *below* print the mats and the sight words cards. You can choose the set you need, currently there are sight word activity mats for preschool, kindergarten, first and second grade. Laminate the mats (there are four treasure mats) and one code for the kids to look for when they are identifying the beginning sounds.

High Frequency Words Printable Mats – Beginning Sounds Codes What you’ll Need:

This is the guide in case the kids find it difficult to read the pictures. These are the letters along with one picture corresponding to the beginning sound. Once they get the hang of it, they’ll be able to do the rest without looking at the guide!

The mat above shows one of the treasure maps included in the Sight Word Activity Beginning Sounds pack. There are four for the first set of Dolch Pre-primer sight words.

Once you’ve cut up the sight word cards, you could possibly lay them out beside the ‘island’ dough, so the kids can see and find them clearly.

See this pirate telescope activity idea here for more pirate themed fun!

Pre primer sight words printable set

The kids then begin by writing the letters underneath each beginning sound picture code. They make out the word and find it in the cards. They then place it into their ‘islands’. I used this as a fund racing activity, the group that has the most amount of sight words on their island wins.

high frequency words pdf

The sight word beginning sounds mats can also be used in different ways (see below).

To further practice phonics skills, get the students finding the letters (I used scrabble letters here but you could use any that you have on hand) and placing them onto the mats.

You can download the Pre-primer Set FREE HERE by inputting your name and email address.

You can also buy the High Frequency Words Printable Bundle Pirate Maps for primer, first and second grade set here. Click on the image below to grab your set!

Set up a fun High Frequency Words Pirate Secret Code Hunt using simple, DIY materials with a pirate treasure map, some dry erase pens, play dough (any kind) and sight word cards.

Get your printable phonics secret code mats at the end of this post by signing up via the form.

Download your FREE copy below.

Get your copy of these printable secret code sight word mats

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    The primer set is now available along with the pre-primer set. Just head to the link High Frequency Words Pirate Printable Bundle to buy it or click on the image below. 🙂

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      1. Hi Missy! I thought about adding that in the file, however it will be difficult to do as you would need to buy the font. I can add that option too with a link to the font. Cheers!

        1. I purchased your Primer set for $4. Now my question is, how do I receive those? I was thinking it might be similar to TpT where I could just download it on my computer, but I don’t see where I would go to get the download. Do you send it in the mail? Sorry if you had this information somewhere and I am just not seeing it! I think the Treasure Maps you’ve created look like an awesome way to have them work on sight words and so I’m anxious to get this ready for the school year!

    1. Hi Yara

      I purchased this set, and as we began working on the first treasure map, I spilled water all over the cut out letters. How do I reprint those without buying them once again?

      1. Hi Susan! Do you have letter tiles that you can use? Or even foam or magnetic letters? They will also work. 🙂
        You do not need to buy it again, you must have downloaded it so you can go to your downloads and get the file again from there. Let me know if you have any trouble at [email protected]. Cheers

    2. Hey there…when I try to download your freebie, it tells me the file is unsupported 😢😢

    3. Thank you so much for your Sight Words Pirates unit. There will be so much fun ahead for my grandkids learning!

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