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Dot Marker Reading Sight Words for ESL Students – Fun FREE Dab a Dot Worksheet

Students will have fun learning their sight words while using bingo daubers with these Under the Sea Reading Sight Words for ESL Students. Perfect for ESL / ELL students who are still learning their sight words, these dab a dot worksheets are perfect for small group literacy centers. Students read the sight word on the octopus and dab the matching sight word on the octopus’s tentacles.

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Reading Sight Words for ESL students

Sight word reading activities should be fun for students. The reason we try to incorporate sight words into our lesson planning is to give students ample practice into learning their sight words by memory. This practice ensures that students improve upon their reading fluency skills and hence produces more capable and confident readers.

Students are in a unique position to learn words quickly and easily. They don’t have to worry about how the words are spelled or memorizing the letters that make up each word. Instead, they can learn sight words by sight.

This is because when a student sees a word they only need to see it for a few seconds before they can remember it, which makes it easier for them to remember what they have learned. The student will have an easier time remembering the word because of the way their brain processes visual information.

Benefits of Sight Words for Preschoolers Worksheets

Reading sight words activities for students are those who are learning to read by using the sight words. There are about 200 words that can be recognized easily by children. These words are called sight words.

Some of the benefits of teaching reading sight words to children include:

-The child is able to read any word in a sentence, regardless of its length or complexity.

-It helps the child understand how language works and how it’s structured.

-The child learns to recognize common patterns in written language which will help them make predictions about what they will see next in a text.

-It helps the child develop fluency, especially if they have learned other reading strategies first, because it does not require decoding skills that can slow down fluent readers.

Pre-primer Sight Words Worksheets

These under the sea themed pre-primer sight words worksheets are perfect for students who are just beginning to practice sight word reading and recognition.

Materials you will need:

How to use these Reading Sight Words Worksheets

Once you’ve printed the worksheets in black and white, have a set of cards ready for each table or two pairs of students. They will then read the sight word on the card, then dab the matching sight word on the tentacles.

kindergarten sight words worksheets pdf
Sight Word Worksheets Printable for kindergarten

Once they finish one card, they can grab another and so on! This is a perfect activity for ESL students as they learn to read their sight words.

More Sight Words Free Worksheets
dot marker sight words worksheets

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