Fine Motor Sight Words

Q-tip Painting Sight Words A Fine Motor Activity

Let’s face it, sometimes we look for some perfect ideas to help kids remember their sight words but we fail. Because, we come to boring ideas like reading or writing. Kids need some hands-on and fun activities to help them remember their sight words, read and identify letters and sounds and more. These Q-tip Painting Sight Words Fine Motor Activity printable will be a hit with your students!

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Sight Word Q-tip Painting Cards Free Printable Bundle

It can be hard to add fine motor practice and activities to your daily centers. This is why this bundle is perfect to incorporate both into your daily or weekly activities. Kids need plenty of practice.

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Q-tip painting templates free

  • As a teacher, lookinf for specific q-tip painting activities can be daunting
  • This printable bundle combines the sight word templates in one AND incorporates an easy way to add these into your centers
  • Once your students are familiar with the words, you can add these into a tub or simply print, cut and hand them out with qtips and paint on each table
  • Be sure to go through the sight words before you hand out the qtip painting templates.

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Now that you know how to use these mats, why not try them out for yourself in the classroom? Be sure to sign up to download the bundle right away below!

Download Free Qtip Painting Sight Word Practice Pack

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