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Color Sort Fine Motor Christmas Activities – Ornament Elf Station

These days it’s incredibly hard to keep toddlers busy with activities other than screens, iPads, T.Vs etc… that’s why it’s so important to have some hands-on activities to help engage them and at the same time build on their developmental skills appropriately. This Color Sort Fine Motor Christmas Activity will be a hit with your two year old. Bella is currently 24 months and she LOVED doing this activity over and over again!

This color sort activity is so easy to set up!

What you’ll need:

  • colored ornaments (preferably red and green)
  • blue and yellow pom poms or small colored balls.
  • basket (any kind)
  • recyclable tissue box
  • laminator
  • two toilet paper rolls
  • Elf topper (download below)
  • scissors
  • red, blue, green, yellow construction paper

How to set it up:

  • cut up the elf topper and laminate it.
  • glue the red construction paper on one side of the tissue box and the green one on the other. Make sure the tissue box opening is between both (so when kids sort they’re able to place the ornaments according to the color shown).
  • glue the blue construction on one toilet paper roll and do the same for the other one in yellow.
  • place the ornaments and the pom poms or balls into one basket.

How to play:

After everything is set up, I showed Bella how to begin sorting the ornaments one by one. She quickly got the hang of it! Watch the kids as they sort their ornaments and be sure they are doing them correctly. Of course, once they’re done you can remove the ornaments from the tissue box so they can repeat this activity. We stored it in a box so we could use it again and again!

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