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Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur Fine Motor Activities: Simple DIY Printable Cards

Kids love dinosaur activities! I’ve actually been wanting to try out some DIY Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur Activities we can use at home. Dinosaurs are a favourite in our home! How about you? This activity is also a perfect pincer grasp activity which you can add to your printable ideas.

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Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur Fine Motor Activities: Simple DIY Printable Cards
Dinosaur Pipe Cleaner Printable Cards – Practice Color Matching Skills and Fine Motor Skills in one!

Dinosaur Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities should be a staple session in your classroom or homeschool. You can practically prep and use these in a matter of minutes! If you have a hole puncher, you can get this done pretty quick but be patient and don’t overdo the ‘hole punching’ and injure your hand like I did. 😉

Why are fine motor skills important for children?

Fine motor development is the process of acquiring skills in manipulating small objects. Fine motor skills are necessary for handwriting, drawing and other activities that require delicate control of the small muscles in the hands and fingers.

Fine motor skills are not only important for children, but also adults. It is important to keep our fine motor skills sharp because they are needed to perform everyday tasks such as opening jars, cutting food, using tools and more.

Some activities that can help develop fine motor skills include:

– Using a pencil grip where the thumb rests on top of the index finger and both middle fingers rest on top of the pencil

– Drawing with a crayon or marker

– Cutting with scissors

Fine motor activities are important for children because they help them develop their muscles and coordination.

Some of these activities include:



-Paper cutting

-Sorting beads or beans into containers

Ways to improve fine motor skills in children

There are a lot of ways to improve fine motor skills in children. One way is to play games and exercises that focus on strengthening the muscles in their hands and fingers. Another way is to give them more opportunities for using their hands, such as giving them puzzles or crafts where they have to use their fingers.

The child’s age will dictate which exercises are best for them. Younger children can benefit from simple activities, such as cutting with scissors or tracing shapes with a crayon, while older children may need more challenging tasks like drawing letters or numbers.

Kids love dinosaur activities! I've actually been wanting to try out some DIY  Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur Activities we can use at home. Dinosaurs are a favourite in our home! How about you?

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Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles in the hand, wrist, and fingers. Fine motor skills are used for a wide range of tasks including writing, drawing, and playing musical instruments.

Some ways to improve fine motor skills:

– Doing activities that involve fine motor skills such as drawing or coloring.

– Playing games like Jenga or Twister to improve their balance and coordination.

– Practicing handwriting on a regular basis by copying letters from a word list or sentence strip.

Activities with Pipe Cleaners

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Bingo daubers

Print all pages in colour or greyscale and give a set to each group in your class. There are cards for each main colour in the set.

More Pre Scissor Skills Activities for Kids You May Like:

These fine motor dinosaur cards are so much fun for preschoolers and kindergarten kids alike. You can use them with preschoolers when trying to practice colour matching or learning colours.

Once you’ve printed the cards, you will need to hole punch the cards on the guide. Prepare the exact same pipe cleaner colours and cut them in half. I did this easily with the scissors.

Place them on the group table for the kids to use. Be sure to show them how to play, by demonstrating the activity first. Use a pipe cleaner to match and create ‘plates’ for one of the dinosaur cards. Have the kids follow your example and begin creating their dinosaurs themselves.

You could also totally turn this activity into a competitive group game by having two sets of the cards and have the kids compete to use pipe cleaners to match and create all their dinosaur plate cards.

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Looking for more dinosaur activities?

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