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February Fine Motor Activities [Free Printable Downloads]

These Preschool Centers and February Fine Motor Activities are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten as a basic foundation in any preschool classroom is to provide plenty of opportunities for kids to get hands-on, effective fine motor practice.

This post is filled with fun freebies and activities that you can include in your preschool homeschool or classroom this February

These Preschool Centers and February Fine Motor Activities are perfect for young children. As a basic foundation in any preschool classroom is to provide plenty of opportunities for kids to get hands-on, effective fine motor practice.

The activities in this post are included in this Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Preschool pack.

I’ve included so many freebies in this post. They are mostly 1 or 2 pages each from some of the activities included in the pack.

I’ve done this so you can try them out in your preschool / homeschool to see how your kids benefit from them.

February Preschool Activities

Finger Counting Puzzles

The first activity we did is matched the number digits to the matching finger counting image.

These puzzles are so easy to assemble and complete! Your students will LOVE them.

I laminated them and got the students to show me their fingers as they count the numbers and them find the puzzle with the same number of fingers.

Click on the image below to grab the freebie:

counting cards valentines day

Color Matching Clip Cards

These clip cards are also very easy to assemble, just cut them up and have the kids clip the matching color of the heart each kid is holding. You can even use any counters or buttons to get the kids to show their answers.

february color match cards

Shape Mazes

Have you ever used mazes with your kids? They will love these! They can use a dry erase marker to trace around the maze to find the exit.

That way if they make any errors you can easily erase those and start over. The best part about these is they learn the shape name as they trace.

Click on the image below to grab the freebie:

valentines day mazes for kids

Upper and Lowercase Letter Clip Cards

Are your kiddos working on matching their upper and lowercase letters yet?

Little miss 2 hasn’t started this although she is so eager to work on everything all at once, it’s too early to use these with her but preschoolers aged 4 or 5 can easily work on this skill to get them even more ready for kindergarten.

Click on the image below to grab the freebie:

valentines day letter match clip cards

Fine motor centers for Valentine’s Day

Uppercase Letter Identification Find & Cover the Chocolates on the Heart.

Do you have some mini chocolates laying around?

Use them or even little MnM’s (who doesn’t love those) and get the kids to identify the chocolates with the uppercase letter in the middle.

You can use any manipulative of course but chocolate just makes everything more fun!

Download this freebie at the end of this post!

abc match cards valentines

I love this activity because it allows even toddlers to work on identifying matching letters on one card.

You can use different manipulatives so not just buttons for this one.

fine motor valentines day abc match

Here are some more activities in the pack, add these fun Valentine’s Day themed picture cards to your busy bags or preschool fine motor centers.

Just use pom poms, mini erasers or any colored counters and have the kids place each one in the empty circles.

You can use large tongs for these for even more practice.

valentines day color fine motor activities

February lesson plans for preschool

Combine these activities and laminate them to be used in various literacy and math centers in your classroom.

Here’s another fun activity we did together, matching the beginning sound letter to the image shown in the circles on the Valentine bees.

Great for developing fine motor skills AND phonics. Grab bottle caps, dot stickers and a marker. Use those to label the letters and you’re set to go!

valentines day beginning sounds

Here’s the picture after they have completed it:

February Preschool Centers and Fine Motor Activities

Some preschoolers will find this activity difficult, so you can definitely differentiate this activity with the options given in the pack.

There are letter filled circles and image filled ones so you can get your ELL’s to work on matching their letters for example and your more able students to work on beginning sounds. 😉

valentines day fine motor letter and letter sounds match

Preschool February Activities

Letter, Word or Number?

This fun pocket chart activity will have the kids wanting to play this everyday!

After laminating the cards, have the kids sort between the letters, words or numbers and place them underneath the correct heading. The first page is free.

valentines day letter number word sort

Alphabet Missing Letter Mailbox Letter Match

This activity helps kids identify the beginning letter sound. Just print the mailbox cards and place them in a pocket chart or on the table in a center.

The kids can sort and match the ‘letter cards’ under the correct mailbox.

february letter activities

Here are some more activities included in the full February preschool pack.

Preschoolers can work on their middle vowel sounds / CVC words with this center.

They match the CVC words with the missing vowels to the correct owl house. I used a pocket chart for this activity but you can definitely also do this at a center.

february letter fine motor activities

This center is one of my favorites.

Students get to pick a number card (or you can use number blocks or any pre-made mini number cards), and have the kids match that number of letters onto the Bunny Mail Mat. So much fun!

february counting activities

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary magnetic letter matching activity.

valentines day sight word activities

You can use the recording sheet below with a number counting with dice or with the cards provided in the pack.

february counting activities

And of course! We have to include some play dough activities! Here I’ve included letters A-Z as well as the Dolch Pre-primer set of sight words to use with the provided dough mat.

Of course you can use any sight word cards you have on hand too!

valentines day play dough activities

If you loved the activities above, you can purchase the full packet of Valentine’s Day activities here.

Preschool Valentine's Day February Centers and Fine Motor Activities

More Valentine’s Day activities:

February preschool activities

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