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10 Brilliant Low Prep CVC Activity Sheets for Any Kindergarten or Special Education Classroom

As kids master learning their short vowel sounds, they will naturally begin to be curious about blending letters to form words. Today, I’m excited to share some super easy-prep CVC activity sheets to help your preschool students master CVC words.

As kids master learning their short vowel sounds, they will naturally begin to be curious about blending letters to form words. Today, I'm excited to share some super easy-prep CVC activity sheets to help your preschool students master CVC words.
10 Brilliant No Prep CVC Activity Sheets * This post contains affiliate links for your convenience

These activities are sure to inspire your students to want to learn short vowel sounds and word families. These CVC games are super low prep, meaning that all you need to use them is a printer and maybe some dice!

What are CVC activity sheets?

Looking for some SUPER easy LOW prep ideas? Honestly, in my experience, the low prep ideas are some of the best ones to have on hand when a. you are tired. b. you are recovering from a cold and c. all of the above! As teachers and mothers, there only so many hours in a day or week that we can constantly be preparing lesson plans and reinventing the wheel when it comes to lesson planning.

CVC activity sheets make it so much easier, just print and go! These games were particularily chosen to make your life simpler when it comes to finding and preparing some print and go worksheets that don’t involve much prep time. A lot fo the CVC games found on many sites include some prep time, it’s great to use those. But for times when you need a bunch of cvc words worksheets for free in a giffy, that’s why I’ve bundles these up in one post here.

CVC Words Worksheets Free

Sometimes, you also want simple CVC words worksheets to print and use in a multi setting classroom with students with different abilities and needs. These printable CVC Activity Sheets target a number of skills.

If you’re looking to re-use the same sheet within your centers year on year, I LOVE laminating them and sometimes hole punching the mats and adding them to binders. Amazon has a HUGE set of laminating pouches for a steal. I always stock up on them to use throughout the year.

This printable read and cover game with groundhogs is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Just print the mats and the matching words, have the kids read the words on the cards and find the matching CVC word on the mat. They will then add it to cover the ‘groundhog’.

They continue this until all CVC words are covered. Grab this printable at the bottom of this post.

Groundhod day CVC activity sheets
CVC Read and Find Groundhog Day

Reading CVC Words Game

This next print and go worksheet includes the use of dice. Have the kids roll the die then find the matching number on the printable, they then read and sound out the letters in each box to blend the sounds and read the CVC word. They continue to roll, read and cover or color until they’ve completed the whole sheet!

Grab this CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game here.

CVC Worksheet Reading
CVC Worksheet Roll Cover and Read

This next printable is featuring bears. If your lessons are centered around bears or winter animals, this worksheet is perfect for a mini phonics lesson and it is from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.

Grab your Bears CVC read and cover game here.

Cvc reading for kindergarten
CVC Bear Hunt

CVC Words Activities Color By Word

This printable worksheet from Primary Playground is a super simple game where the kids would use the guide to color by CVC words, so they would need to read the CVC word and color using the guide.

Grab this free printable CVC Words Activities Color By Word here.

Another roll and cover CVC word activity mat includes some dice which the kids would roll to build their words from Miss Giraffe. This super simple activity does involve making the dice – but they all come free in the activity. You could use them as standalone and not just with this activity. Grab this super fun printable CVC activity sheet from Miss Giraffe here.

CVC Word Family Worksheets

This printable worksheet is perfect to add to your march lesson plans, it’s St Patrick’s Day themed and perfect for that time of year. Rhyming games are also equally as important for kids to learn in kindergarten. .

Grab the CVC activity Sheet from this post here.

I really love to use CVC board games. These are super simple and printable games you could use with dice. The Measured Mom has these free printable games on her site and has outlined great ways to use them! Grab your set from her site here.

Digital Phonics Activities

If you’re looking for some digital phonics activities to use in the classroom or in distance learning. This SUPER CVC set from Boom Cards is the perfect addition to your independent digital centers.

Are you doing a lot of online teaching due to the pandemic? These were a savior for me when we did phonics practice. The best part about these are that you can see each student’s results when they have completed the deck.

CVC Digital Phonics Activities Bundle
CVC Digital Phonics Activities Bundle

This digital phonics activities set currently includes active hands-on learning ideas and the following printables:

A crucial step to beginning reading skills is to practice building CVC word games with onset rimes, beginning sounds, identifying and reading short vowels and more. This bundle of NO PREP and self-correcting decks will encourage your students to have fun while building phonological awareness skills.

Boom cards are a great way to help students practice phonological awareness and develop beginning reading skills with ease.

Each CVC game is perfect for your ELA centers, literacy centers, and literacy work stations in kindergarten. It’s also perfect for homeschool and distance learning. Check out the preview to try a few slides.

The set includes the following:

✔ 6 complete CVC game decks

✔ a complete set of CVC pictures (a, i, o, u, and e) and words (47) in each set

✔ self-checking

✔ drag & drop

✔ 3 Decks include sound

Get your lesson plans

More CVC Worksheet Games you might like:

Grab your CVC Activity Sheets Groundhog Day Worksheets

hoe to teach cvc words groundhog day printable

This super fun printable would be a GREAT addition to your CVC lesson planning for February.

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