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CVC Spin & Color St. Patrick’s Day Freebie

CVC Spin & Color Free Download Use a fun hands-on activity to practice reading and identifying CVC words. This fun St. Patrick’s Day themed activity gets the kids spinning the spinner and then coloring a CVC word with that VC ending.




A great way to practice reading CVC words! As an extension, you can get the kids building their CVC words with alphabet blocks.

To prepare:

  • print as many copies of the pages you need for the class.
  • There are two activity pages (so of course choose one or set aside some for extra practice).
  • Hand out a sheet per student along with a paper clip.
  • Instruct students on how they should do the spinning with the paper clip. I show this to them on the board!

To play:

  •  Let the students know that they will be spinning and reading the CVC words as they color.
  • Show them how to do this with an example.
  • They keep going until all CVC words are colored


Ready to download this freebie? 🙂

This activity was made using clipart from DORKY DOOLES.

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