Spider Spinners & Clippers CVC & Beginning Sounds

So, the reason why I love all celebrations is not only because of the reason for them but because I could use many themes to incorporate the fun element in learning. I created these new spider themed packs to use in tutoring the little ones, especially the ESL learners. One of my students needs more work on initial sounds and since he is an ESL student and in first grade, this activity is perfect for him.

We printed about three pages with word families ending in -ad, -ed, and -an then I cut the pages in half and laminated the section with the spinner. This would make this activity more versatile and easy to prep for other students in the future. The section where the student needed to write the letters to make the words after spinning the spinner can be left without lamination.

Click HERE to grab two pages from this activity! The full activity can be purchased from my shop HERE.

The next activity is titled ‘Spider Clippers’ and this was quite a fun one! In the beginning, I had to introduce the activity to the students as it isn’t very simple to understand what is required for them to do – even though it looks simple.

This activity can be found in my TPT store HERE.

So, I helped the students cut out the bottom part of each strip, these included the letters needed to ‘build’ the word found on the spider. You could use letter tiles / magnetic letters to complete this activity, it really is optional. Another way is to actually get the student to write the letters in the spaces provided. There are plenty of ways for differentiation. They finally clip the beginning sound after they say the word they know from looking at the picture. I had my ESL students specifically stress on the phonemes and individual letter sounds each letter makes m-a-t.
Following my tutoring sessions, I always like to get the students to practice their work at home in some way. The activity above can be printed off in black and white and sent home with students to actually cut and paste, color and complete it on their own.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and grabbed a few ideas to incorporate in your teaching sessions this month! 🙂


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  1. I am interested in your spider clippers activity. I know the focus is beginning sounds but, are all short vowels represented in words?

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