CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game School Theme

Preschool kids will love these CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Games! This printable includes a super effective way to help kids develop reading short vowel sounds and words. The kids will enjoy practising CVC words with this fun printable game!

CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game
CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game

How to teach CVC reading

Firstly, there are many ways to begin to teach CVC reading, I’d encourage you to begin where the child is. You can’t teach CVC reading if they still haven’t mastered beginning letter sounds. Once they master this, you can begin to incorporate blending letter sounds and short vowel sounds.

Start by listening for sounds in letters and words, have them play I spy with my little eye, play match the word and picture, find the missing sounds etc.

These CVC words worksheets are fantastic for getting kids familiar with CVC words in early reading intervention.

The important thing is to start at where the child is at and go from there.

How to use this printable

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Dice
  • Laminator

I LOVE using learning mats – they are so much fun for kids and best of all, they are quick to setup and play! Use these mats to help kids learn to read and identify CVC short vowel words. We know that with learning, repetition and practice is key. Kids will be motivated to roll and to identify their CVC words short vowel sounds using these fun mats.

After you’ve printed and laminated (optional) the cards and the mats, place the mats on the table and show the kids what they need to do. They roll the die and find the number that corresponds and then read the short vowel CVC word the mat. They continue to do so until they have colored all their boxes and read all the words.

CVC words can be difficult for kindergarten kids. Encourage them to work on their reading and rhyming skills with this set of fun cards!

Download CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game School Theme

CVC Worksheet Reading Dice Game

Want to delve deeper into CVC reading? Why not use these super fun play dough mats to help kids learn letter sounds and short vowel soundS?

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