Fine Motor Preschool Toddlers

Color Wheel for Preschoolers Match and Clip Printable

Grab your own free copy of this color wheel for preschoolers. Help them identify colors and work on fine motor skills as well.

Why are motor skills important? Kids need to be able to hold a pencil correctly, write correctly and do simple movements like stacking things and holding things upright.

All these activities need essential fine motor skills. And how can you help them achieve this? – by giving them plenty of opportunities to practice!

Fine motor skills development in preschoolers is an essential skill.

There are many ways in which you could help kids build those important motor skills.

These fine motor activities 4 year olds will help kids develop their fine motor as well as their colour matching skills.

Activities 4 Year Olds

This is a very simple activity to setup! Does your 3 or 4 year old know how to hold a peg? I suggest you try some of the activities below before you give him/her the colour wheel. It could be very difficult for them to use the pegs if they don’t know how to hold and pinch them.
  • Let your students use pegs to hang simple things on a line like hanging their posters in the classroom.
  • Allow your students to use pegs to show you their answers to simple task cards, like these count and clip cards.
  • Have the students use pegs on simple craft sticks (just for fine motor practice).
This colour wheel is simple, easy and great to use to practice fine motor activities 4 year olds. Are you currently working on colour matching? This wheel would fit in perfectly within your daily planner.

Color Wheel Activity

Here’s how to setup this wheel:
  • Download and print and wheel along with the matching colour picture cards. Be sure that they are in colour print – as that would void the whole idea of this activity! 😉
  • Laminate the wheel along with the cards, then cut up the cards in circles (follow the guide shown in the pack).
  • Once you’ve done this, prepare your pegs – I prefer to use neutral wood coloured pegs so not to confuse the kids.
  • Use velcro to attach the pictures to the pegs. I tried using glue but that failed BIG TIME! Plus the activity wasn’t as durable with glue as it was with velcro. So stick with it!
How to play:
  • Show your students the colour wheel along with the pegs.
  • Demonstrate that they need to match the colour on each card to the section it belongs to.
  • They do this until all cards are matched.
  • Check that they’ve done this correctly.

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Looking for a fun and simple way to work on fine motor skills with your 3-5 year old? This spring themed activity binder or the Back to School Fall Binder for 4-5 Year Olds include everything you need to set this up for them! Bring this binder everywhere you go. This spring themed folder includes more than 30 activities to use with your preschooler – once they get bored simply print and use the next few ‘mats’ with them! The best part is – they are personalised and ready to use.

Color Wheel Printable for Kids

Get your download of this printable color wheel below! Ready to download your copy?

>>> Color Wheel Printable Template <<<


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