Montessori Snowman Color Activity Toddlers

Montessori Snowman Color Activity: Kids love snowmen! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I just completely love activities that invite children and students to learn through play, games and hands-on activities. This activity can be completed with 18 month olds as it is quite simple and easy to follow. They can continuously repeat the activity for the next few months too!

These fun snowman color matching activity will get toddlers matching their colors using round colored chips. Great for fine motor skills too!

If you’re looking for winter / Christmas themed preschool centers and activities, this bundle here is a perfect addition to your centers.

Montessori Snowman Color Activity

To prepare this activity, you will need:

  • scissors
  • snowman strip templates (below)
  • laminator
  • lamination pockets
  • colored chips or colored buttons

Print and activity sheets below and then laminate them. Cut up the snowmen so that they are in strips OR you can leave both snowmen on one sheet. The strips will just make it easier for the kids to focus on one strip at a time and not be confused with more than one!

To play:

  • place the colored chips (as many as they would need for each strip) in a basket.
  • invite the kids to begin matching each chip to the color of the circle they see on each snowman.
  • This will give them a sense that they are ‘building’ the snowman. They will love this!
  • Make sure that they are doing this correctly, there is even an empty template that they can use to build their own pattern.

When you’re done with the activity, make sure you store the chips in a small sandwich bag along with the snowmen strips in a file folder. You can also use these little baggy plastic storage bags to store files. They work great!

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