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Christmas Riddles for Kids Printable Escape Room Tasks

I love making some fun Christmas games for kids to engage with with literacy during the festive season. These Christmas Riddles for Kids Printable activities are perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids.

They work out the answers to the riddles by finding the matching symbol to each letter on the page.

I’ve turned this into an escape room idea too!

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Christmas riddles with answers

Riddles have been around for centuries and have been a popular form of entertainment for children.

Why do kids love riddles?

Kids love riddles because they are fun and challenging. Riddles are a great way to exercise the brain and find solutions to problems.

They also help develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem solving abilities.

Funny Christmas riddles

Riddles are a fun way to challenge your creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills.

Riddles can be used as a game for children or adults, as a way to pass time, or even in an interview setting.

Kids love riddles more because sometimes they like to guess what the answers are and if they could do it just in time.

The riddles in these printables are super fun and easy to use. There are a number of ways to use them which I will outline below!

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Christmas escape room classroom

There are 10 riddles with answers in the pack. You can choose to use as many as you need and there are several ways to play the game.

Use it as an escape room fun project! Kids love escape rooms, there is a component in this pack which allows you to hide four reindeer around the classroom or home.

Hide the last reindeer in a difficult place and add letters behind each riddle sheet for kids to complete and find!

Print as many riddles as you need to make out that word. For example, you’re hiding the last reindeer under a chair.

Below, I have shared a set of 3 riddle pages for free so that you can try them with your students first and if you like them, you can get the full set of Christmas riddles in my shop.

I really enjoyed making these riddles. They aren’t easy to make, as you do need the proper fonts to make them.

I think your students will love these! And not only will you be working on critical thinking skills and literacy skills.

You will also work on social skills by students helping each other look for and solve the riddles.

I like to color the last reindeer’s nose in red for an added fun twist! 😉


Halloween riddles for kids free printable pack.

Your word will be chair. So you will need 5 riddle sheets with each letter being behind those sheets.

Each student will complete the riddle and ‘collect’ the letter.

They will all then work out the word and go find that remaining ghost to escape Halloween!

So much fun. I also wanted to make it super simple for the kids. Most escape rooms are to difficult for this age group.

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Christmas Riddles for Kids

Download your FREE set below.

If you’d like to buy the full set which includes 10 riddles along with the reindeer cut outs and answer key, I’ve listed it in my shop.

You can get your copy there and use it year on year!

I sometimes laminate these and include them in learning binders.

Each year, I change the location of where the reindeers are placed.

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