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Summer Learning Activities for School Kids in K-2

Summer learning activities can quickly become a chore for kids, especially for kids in K-2. These ideas help them LEARN and PLAY at the same time! Worksheets don’t have to be dull, look for interactive, fun and puzzle-like activities to get students using their brains while building their literacy and math skills and have fun all at the same time! These ideas have been generated from some clever teachers and homeschooling parents. Take a browse. 🙂


  1. Summer science experiments for kids: this page outlines some fun experiments that kids can learn from during the summer, including chalk rockets, sand volcanos, color changing squirty chalk and many more! These are sure to get students intrigued and learning!
  2. Free summer activity planner for school kids in K-5 and organised by grade level: this blog post is on of my favorites. There are over 35 pages of activities for fine motor skills, literacy and math as well as ‘real-life’ essential skills that kids need to learn like folding laundry, sidewalk chalk and many more! This is a must see!
  3. Summer reading charts: encourage children to read by using coupons and favorite books to help keep reading fun and interesting.
  4. Outdoor learning activities for kids aged 5-7: these activities are great for learning outdoors! Kids always look forward to being outside and with these activities you help keep them fit and learning at the same time – these are a Montessori inspired activities as well. A must see!
  5. 25 incredible books for kids aged 8-12 summer reading list: this post details some great classical books that children would love to read in summer.
  6. Here are some individual learning activities you could use:

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I hope the ideas above have inspired you to do some fun activities with your kids / class. Check out some more hands on activities in the links below!






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