3 Best Printable Math Dice Games Feed the Bear

Preschool and kindergarten kids will love this hippo themed Printable Math Dice Games counting skills. Kids already love hippos, when you add something like dice to the equation, they will love it even MORE.

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Free printable math dice Games feed the bear * This post contains affiliate links.

Have them play in a fun way with a roll and count game board with this printable math counting game with dice. Looking for some more Number Sense activities for kindergarten? I’ve got you covered! You can even make this an addition game for learners working on addition skills.

Set this printable up in a small group and you’re set!

Printable Math Dice Games Fun Game

Do you have pom poms on hand? Or even counters? Fish crackers or mini erasers are a great way to get kids counting using this game. They will roll, count the number they rolled and add that many fish to the mat. They continue this until they have filled the water with fish.

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Older kids can do some addition and roll two dice instead of one. They can even practice place value math concepts.

Dice can be used in a playful way to create cool math games. For this printable, here are the game pieces you will need:

  • dice
  • printable mat (free download below)
  • mini erasers or fish crackers (use any or buy this fish set from Amazon)
  • laminator (optional)

That’s it!

Games for Math with Dice

How do you play with dice? Preschoolers may be brand new to this concept, and kindergarten kids might be proficient at using dice to count and learn.

How kids learn with dice is that the player rolls a number, and then they will need to identify the number they rolled. They then count how many and match the number to the quantities with counters (1-to-1-correspondence).

Check out this super cute roll a ladybug math dice game from the Kindegarten Connection:

Have fun working on counting, one to one correspondence, subitizing, and more with this engaging and easy to make Roll a Ladybug dice game!
Roll a ladybug math dice game Via the Kindergarten Connection

In this section, we will explore the use of dice to engage students in math games. We will also explore some math games that are played with dice including the free printable below.

There are many different ways to use dice in math games. Dice can be used as a way to solve a problem or as a game board for the game itself. Dice can also be used as counters in a game like Yahtzee or Monopoly. But now, teachers have created their own differentiated math dice games.

Printable Math Dice Games PDF

Games using dice are one of the most fun games for kids, first they teach kids how to use dice and also how to count. They also teach learners on how to use their turn-taking skills and patience, which all fall under social skills which is a passionate topic on this blog.

When students get this printable mat you can use it in several ways. Have them use it with counters or fish crackers (I find those the most fun).

More fun math games and printables:

Have kids practicing math facts by rolling the die and adding one or two to each roll as well. There are many variations on this game for practicing. math.

The best part about this game is that you could use this mat with practically any counting materials you have on hand.

Free Printable Math Dice Game with Bears

Have the mats on a tray or you could just leave them as is.

Students will roll the dice and count the number they rolled, they will then add that many crackers or counters to the mat.

I like to use tongs to add that fine motor aspect to the mats:

Have fun working on counting, one to one correspondence, subitizing, and more with this engaging and easy to make Roll to feed the bear dice game!
Free math dice games with tongs

You could also create addition problem activities, have the equation written on the board, and then the kids will solve it on their mats. Practice some more will tally marks too!

Check out this unicorn version of the math mats here. These are also perfect for counting. Feed the unicorn some rainbows. Kids will love that one.

Classroom Ideas for Dice Games

You can play this game in two ways, have the kids show the number they rolled on the mat, then take away those counters from the mat and roll again.

Check out these basic math dice games for preschoolers from The Measured Mom:

Check out this giant collection of dice games for preschoolers! You and your little one will have a lot of fun trying out these activities.
Math Dice Games Via the Measured Mom

For building basic math skills , the first player will roll and then they will add that many ‘fish’ to feed the bear. This is a classic game, they keep rolling until the bear’s mouth is too full or if there is no more room on their mat.

You could also have the kids roll and show their numbers then takeaway the pieces and roll again.

They can complete with each other too, by playing a two player game math activities, older children will love this. They roll, and then the player with the largest number adds the mini fish, then the player with the highest score wins.

Play a simple subtraction game with a pair of dice. A great number recognition game.

Printable Dice Game (pick up your free printable below)

I like to use tongs as an added fine motor practice for younger kids in preschool and kindergarten. Find these printable game sheets at the end of this post. Please note these game sheets are for personal use only.

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