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Best Coffee Maker Under 150 for Busy Teachers and Moms

As busy parents and teachers, we’re often on the hunt for low cost appliances to add to our homes, but also declutter it too. Are you the same? In the name of good coffee, I will list 5 of the best coffee makers by rating and by trial with this post on best coffee maker under 150.

In the name of good coffee, I will list 5 of the best coffee makers by rating and by trial with this post on best coffee maker under 150.
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Top Pick for a Coffee Lover

When you walk into a coffee shop, what is the first thing you look for?


Or better yet, how many cups of coffee do you have in a day?

Are you always looking for the perfect cup of coffee like me?

How about a cheap coffee maker that doesn’t break the bank?

The machines I will feature here is for long time coffee drinkers who adore their coffee each and every morning, and cannot function without a single cup of coffee a day.

I used to drink upwards of 3 cups per day, but I’m currently only having two cups at most. Which is why finding the best coffee machine is on the top priority list.

The quality of your coffee grounds are also very important along with the brewing process and brew time.

As a teacher, I don’t have time waiting for a programmable coffee maker to switch itself off and start over. So I definitely need a reliable one. And there are so many with different price range.

This is basically me:


Coffee Machines and Their Ease of Use

There are so many coffee makers with a sleek design, So, I find that how big the coffee machine is as important as is its function, I love stainless steel coffee machines because they simply just go with the furniture in the kitchen.

If the water tank is huge (like one of my old ones), I honestly would hate to make room for it on the bench. It becomes a huge hassle and then I pack it away and never to be seen again.

Best Drip Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee 12 cups of coffee maker is pretty impressive, I have found that the reviews on this one are quite genuine.

It’s the best choice if you’re looking for something easy to use and quite the cheap and budget friendly option, also easy cleaning (hello, laziness). This one is a winner.

This next listing for a Braun brew coffee machine is also pretty simple but powerful and Braun is a reputable brand.

It gives you good flavor at the right temperature (nothing like a cold coffee for us teachers, no thanks!).

There is a pause feature which lets you pour a cup anytime in the brew cycle without dripping. It is also a monster large one which makes a whopping 12 cups.

The important thing to remember is that making sure your coffee beans are of quality and also taste good before choosing the best espresso machine. Because, let’s face it.

No matter which one you choose, if your coffee beans ain’t good, you won’t like your coffee anyway. I’m still on the search for gluten free and great coffee mix recipes.

The next one I will feature is the Hamilton Beach coffee maker. Hamilton Beach are well known to be making their products toxic free, like many of their slow cookers.

I LOVE this, because the amount of things that can leach onto your food is amazing these days.

You can tryst that their coffee maker will also follow the same standard and it has a whopping 25K reviews! You can customise your brew strength with this coffee machine – how amazing! I personally love strong coffee!

Be sure to buy a coffee machine that keeps hot water too, I find that some appliances can also make iced coffee but not all.

The best option for a coffee brewer is to find one that suits your time and budget and then trial and error as you find the one that suits.

Compact Design Coffee Drip Machine

This Cuisinart compact drip machine is super sleek and although on the pricier range, it has had over 12K ratings and you can be sure that it is quite compact and you don’t have to worry about fitting it on your kitchen bench.

I mean, that is really my biggest problem when adding appliances to my kitchen.

The next compact design coffee machine is the Keurig brand which has a single cup coffee brew section and is super small and great for smaller places like apartments and such.

It has a large pod storage up to 9 and you can easily add your travel mug there for easy coffee on the go!

The reviews speak for themselves on that one, have as much coffee as you want!

I’m heading out right now and I will make one with this Keurig coffee maker. I still love it and use it, it’s only been a year but so far – it is still standing.

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