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Making Ten Activities: St Patricks Day Theme Ten Frames Worksheet

Teaching ten frames is so easy with these making ten activities! Understanding ten frames helps kids develop number sense. When you want to start introducing these activities to your students or child, practice by using a blank ten frame with counters. You can then add on fun mini erasers, and activities like this dinosaur themed printable below!

Grab your printable in the post below.

>>>These activities will pair well with this MEGA dinosaur printable busy book pages. <<<
making ten activities: how to teach and introduce ten frames + pick up free ten frame worksheets

Making Ten Activities that are fun

Ten frames help children learn number sense and early counting skills. Ten frames are an amazing tool to help develop math skills, we can even use them with preschoolers, they are often not too shocked with seeing ten frames.

Learning to count is one of the most important things that a child can learn. It is not only a skill that they will use in school, but also throughout their life.

Counting is an important skill for children to learn because it helps them develop math skills and teaches them how to do simple arithmetic. Counting also helps kids understand quantity and size which are very important concepts in almost every subject.

More Adding Ten Worksheets

Counting is one of the most important skills that kids can learn. It helps them to learn how to add, subtract, and do other math problems. It also helps them to develop their memory and concentration skills.

The following are some ways in which parents can teach their children how to count:

– Counting objects with their child

– Giving them puzzles or games that involve counting

– Playing guessing games with them

Counting by 10s 100 Days School

Looking for more hands on counting activities? Check out this post for a fun one to one correspondence activity.

Download your free copy within the post.

What is a ten frame?

The ten frame is a tool for teaching preschoolers about numbers and counting. It is a grid of 10 squares that are labeled with the numbers 1 to 10.

Ten frames are used in classrooms, homes, and childcare centers. They are also used in Montessori classrooms where children can learn about numbers and counting as they complete activities with the ten frame.

ten frames is a teaching tool that is used to teach children how to count. It consists of a frame with ten dots on each side, and the child counts the dots by putting their finger or other object on each dot in sequence.

A ten frame is a visual representation of numbers and operations. The number can be represented in both words and numerals.

The ten frame has two rows, with five boxes in each row. The first row has one box at the top that represents zero, four boxes to represent the numbers 1 through 4, and one box at the bottom to represent 10. The second row has one box to represent zero, three boxes for numbers 5 through 7, and one box at the bottom for 20.

Making Ten Games Printable

I decided to create some making ten activities to help kids understand ten frames. I will link a few resources below which I find perfect for teaching ten frames.

Check out this super cute and fun blank tens frame activity from the Kindergarten Connection, click on the image to go to TPT and download it directly:

making ten activities worksheets
FREE blank tens frame worksheet activity to use year round.

Another super cute activity from Tara West which shows students ways to make ten, click on the image to download it directly:

making ten activities
FREE ways to make ten printable activity from tara West

Make ten activities on St. Patrick’s Day. Looking for a fun way to get kids counting on St. Patrick’s Day? Use this fun free activity to get them making  ten on the ten frames and completing the number sequence.

making 5 worksheets st patricks day
Making 5 worksheets for St Patrick’s Day

There are two activity pages in the pack, one gets the kids building numbers to five and one to ten.

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To prepare:

  • Print, photocopy and hand out!

To play:

  • I like to do a class review with all the students just so they get the hang of this activity.
  • Students work alone or in pairs, ask them to count the dinosaurs they see in each box. Then ask “how many more do we need to make 10?”. This gets them thinking about their numbers, they count on from the number they finished on in the boxes.
  • They then write the number sequence.

Before you download this free pack, you agree to the following:

  • This set is for personal / classroom use only.
  • All clip-art used in this pack are used with permission.
  • This printable may not be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system.
  • All materials on this website are copyright protected.
  • You may not distribute this resource to a large number of teachers / personnel. Please refer them to this website to download their own copy.

Grab this super cute printable worksheet by clicking here: Ten Frames St Patrick’s Day Worksheets.

This printable was created in partnership with Dorky Doodles.

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