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20 Handwriting Fun Print Practice Activities for Kids Who Hate Writing

Struggling to get kids to practice their writing? This post directs you to some fun Handwriting Fun Print Practice Activities that kids who hate writing will LOVE!


Kids who hate writing will not enjoy using simple pencil to paper activities – but when the activities are interactive and use different kinds of color tools – these kids will LOVE to try and in turn enhance their writing.

Handwriting Fun Print Practice Activities

I’ve compiled a list of 20 print and practice activities which I’ve personally used and plan to in the future from some incredibly amazing online sources. I do have a list of some iPad apps but I will leave those for another post!

Here they are, click on the blue links to take you to the post with the download.

  1. Free Handwriting pages for Numbers: these activities are simple and effective. Use colorful crayons, paint or even highlighters to get kids writing on these! Better yet, insert them into dry erase pockets and you’re good to go!
  1. Free Alphabet Picture Tracing: these activity pages are simple and fun! They include letters of the alphabet along with a picture for tracing for futher fine motor skill practice. Get the students tracing in fun bright colors.
  2. Free St. Patrick’s Day Sentence Picture puzzles: These activity pages are for slightly older kiddos in Kindergarten or first grade ESL. Students cut and puzzle out, read the words and re-arrange the sentence then glue the picture in order. They re-write the sentence in their booklets.
  3. Free Alphabet Handwriting Printables with a Guide: These printables will make for great practice for kids just starting to identify letters. I love these as they include a guide for tracing.
  4. Simple Handwriting Trick Printables: These printables are for helping kids form their b’s, q’s and d’s the correct way. This clever blogger tells all!
  5. Sentence Writing and Editing: These printables help kids in two ways, forming sentences and handwriting. They trace over the sentence, then place the words in order. They then re-write the sentence correctly.
  6. Word Ladders: this is one fun way to get kids writing! Kids begin writing their words from the bottom up. You can make this into a race to get kids practicing even more!
  7. BOOV Passwords: This fun printable gets kids cracking the code to see the message in the printable! Such fun, and they’re printing their letters all at the same time.
  8. Bug Math Number Printable: This fun printable helps kids count and print their numbers.
  9. Fill in the blanks Stories: This one is so easy and requires no printing! You create a story or even copy a passage from a book, and students fill in the blanks with words to make the story make sense!
  10. Free Printable Worksheets: These worksheets include a variety of tasks to engage the kids in writing and counting.

More Fun Handwriting Print Practice Activities

Write & Wipe Place Mats: These are some fun DIY mats for the kids at home or at school in small group work. Best of all, they are write & wipe mats so make them once and re-use all year.

  1. Free Alphabet Coloring Pages: These pages help kids create some FUN and colorful alphabet letters.
  2. Pre-writing Q-tip Printables: These are a lot of fun for kids! Use paint, daubers or markers!
  3. Writing Sentence Sticks when you only have a Minute: These sentence sticks are awesome to make and put on the table for re-use over and over again! Genius!
  4. Free Cursive Handwriting Activites: these printables are simple and effective if you’re teaching cursive writing!
  5. Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase Play Dough Mats: these mats are simple and so much fun for the kiddos, you need play doh and the mats!
  6. ABC Tracing Cards: these are simply genius if you’re needing practice over and over again. They aren’t free but they’re a steal for $2.00!
  7. Free Lowercase Practice Pages: these printables are fun and simple!
  8. Free Try & Trace Handwriting Pages: these pages are simple in that a guide is provided, a picture along with independent practice for each letter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these ideas and I sincerely hope that some of them help you assist your children/students! If they do, let these awesome bloggers know or drop me a line below! 😉

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