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Full-proof Editable Name Tracing Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool and kindergarten kids alike will love these Name Tracing Activities and Fine Motor Mats to learn all about letter formation, their name and more!

Teach preschoolers how to write their name

It’s important that before you begin to work on any activities with paper or hands-on materials, that you give the students plenty of time to identify letters in their name. If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to use these editable name mats – I’ve written a longer form name writing practice post on how to open and edit the files right here.

This is What You Need to Make Name Writing Practice Motivating: Name Activity Mats

A full tutorial + writing manipulatives list any preschool teacher or parent will need!

Here are some ways you can do this, and this is what I do:

  • Point out the letters in students’ names. You can do this in small groups or individually.
  • Write out the child’s name, saying the letters as you do. You can also do this as a whole class example on the board.
  • Use a scavenger hunt – place letter tiles or magnets in a sensory bin or around the classroom and have the kids find the letters in their name and build their names on their desks.
  • Have the child rainbow trace the letters in their name, this would be a great opportunity to use those pretty Crayola Crayons. I love this large class set, buy it once and it’ll last (at least until the end of the month) :P.
  • Use different materials to help build their fine motor muscles, like plastic links, pipe cleaners, dot markers, play dough and more.
  • The important thing is to let the students have ample opportunities to practice writing their name.

Have a toddler at home? Working with preschoolers? These super fun digital activities will promote learning, engagement and critical social emotional skills.

In this post I will talk about some fun Name Games for Kids and excellent ways to incorporate fine motor skills to help kids identify letters in their name, letter formation and recognising their name!

Want whopping access to 200+ Editable Fine Motor Name Mats for preschool? Best part? This bundle will be updated regularly. Grab your Preschool Fine Motor Name Mats right here.

I will also be sharing a fun Editable Name Tracing Page for free, so be sure to sign up to get this one! You will be able to input your student name list once and – POOF – magically the remaining pages in the book will be automatically filled. Such a great way to practice letter name formation.

Name Tracing Activities. Preschool and kindergarten kids alike will love these Name Tracing Activities and Fine Motor Mats to learn all about letter formation, their name and more!

Name games for kids

Don’t you ever feel like you need easy and fun filler games to practice letter formation? Here are some easy games you could incorporate in your weekly lessons to keep the kids motivated to learn about their names and we all know how kids love movement activities in the classroom.

  • My Dance Name: this game is so simple and I loved playing this one. It always works great in groups and classrooms, so I haven’t used this game since I started tutoring. It’s a simple one really, you have the kids stand in a circle and then make a movement for each syllable in their name like (Anna– An (shake fists) – na (stomp feet). Kids love doing this and it always makes for a fun little ice breaker too.
  • Guess Who: this fun game is a great way to break the ice with a new classroom full of new faces. Use a large piece of paper and write all the names in your class with missing letters (you can make this harder or easier) with only one letter missing for example depending on the group of students you have. Then cut those papers out and hand them out randomly. Each student gets one. Have the students guess the missing letter on the name card. They will then announce whose name they got to the class.
  • Name Rhyme: this is another fun one to play, have the kids find a word that rhymes with their name (if they are in preschool, they will need guidance with this), they will then create a sentence rhyme with those two words.

Looking for simple and free name tracing sheet downloads? These printables are completely EDITABLE!

Name Tracing Worksheets for Preschoolers

There is something so exciting about using materials like play dough, letter tiles, bingo daubers and the like. Students LOVE seeing and playing with these. Why not incorporate them into your daily activities? Turn a boring old worksheet into a fun one by simply adding bingo daubers or Q-tips!

So far, I’ve created a fun little freebie mat over on TPT for tracing names with stickers. This is completely editable, you will have to make sure that you open the file with Adobe Reader DC and type your names there for editing. This file fits up to 10 name letters, if you have kids with longer names – I would suggest using two mats and linking these together (otherwise you will not be able to use the names with the materials effectively).

With this mat, you will also get a name tracing section below the bubble font name! So much fun, you can also use mini erasers to fill in the bubble font too.

I’ve also created name mats in Q-tip font, Mystery Name (beginning sounds font), Do a Dot Font, Pom Poms, Pattern Blocks, Linking Cubes, Building Blocks and so much more! You can grab the discounted bundle on TPT at 50% off for a limited time only (1 week to go). Or you can get it below at a super discounted rate for the duration of this promo!

Grab Your Set of Editable Name Tracing Printables

Jump over and snag your download on Teachers Pay Teachers or in our Shop.

Name Tracing Activities

Grab your set here:


This is such a great way to help kids learn how to write their name. You can use this mat in several ways:

  • Print and laminate the mat (or you can use plastic sleeves or the dry erase pockets). Have the kids follow the number guides to write each letter in their name.
  • They can also trace over two lines without numbered guides and finally independently write their names. If some kids aren’t ready for this step, they don’t need to complete it and you could cut the page so that they aren’t bothered by it – but I left it so that i can use the same mat again with the child the following year.
  • What’s more? You could have a set of these and give them to their teacher the next year! She could use the same mats to help refresh the kids memory as they work on writing their names!


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