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Father’s Day Pizza Craft

Have the kids make a fun Father’s Day Craft this Father’s Day! What a great way to appreciate fathers and all that they do for their kids. A fun thing to add to this craft is a juicy home-made (or take-out) pizza! 😉

This activity will really help develop the kids fine motor skills! Check out these fun handwriting activities for more practice.  These sight word dough mats are perfect for reluctant writers!

Slice IT

Instructions For Any Way You Slice It Father’s Day Craft


  • Father’s Day Pizza  template (below)
  • Card template (below)
  • scissors
  • foam sheet (brown and red)
  • googly eyes
  • glue

1. Print out Father’s Day Card Template and Pizza Template.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft

2. Fold Father’s Day card template in half and cut out Pizza Template.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft

3. Trace Pizza Outline with pencil and/or marker onto Foam Sheet and use Googly Eyes to Trace Circles for Pepperoni.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft

4. Cut out traced Pizza Outline and Pepperoni Slices.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft
5. Apply glue to back of Pizza Outline.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft
6. Firmly place Pizza Outline onto Center of Father’s Day Card Template.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft
7. Apply glue to back of Pepperoni Slices and apply to Pizza Slice.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft
8. Apply glue to back of Googly Eyes and apply to Pizza.

Fathers Day Pizza Craft
9. Viola! You now have a homemade Father’s Day Card! Enjoy! 🙂

Fathers Day Pizza Craft

Download the card template here.

Download the pizza template here.




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