FREE I Spy… The Alphabet! Under the Sea Theme

There are so many fun ways to practice and review the alphabet! I recently made these cards as I found that one of my ESL students loves to fiddle with things while he works.

You can check out the full PACK HERE.

These are so easy to use from Pre-K across to First Grade even for RTI, practice, ESL etc.

I used them with my ESL students. So what you need:

– A number of magnifying glasses (depending on the number of students in each group).
– Laminated octopus cards / placed in dry erase pockets.

Hand them out and the students should use dry erase pens to color in the letters they need to find on the tentacles. FUN! 🙂

Here is a freebie sample to try with your own students / class. Click on the picture below to download it directly.

You could also print these out in black & white, then have the students color in the letters. They can also glue these into their notebooks.

Here are some more pictures in use:

Thanks for stopping by – I sincerely hope your students love this activity as much as mine did! 🙂


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