St Patrick’s Day Interactive Sentence “Mystery Picture” Booklets

I am constantly looking for new ideas to use with my students. The latest idea I had came from one student of mine who was cutting up coloring pages on his own and then trying to put them back together! Ha! I just wondered why he was doing this – I think it’s fascinating but kids love mystery and things that can play with.

So, I came up with Mystery Picture Sentence Booklets.

The first booklet I made is for March. I wanted the focus to be on March vocabulary AND sentence structure – my ESL students are in constant need of this!

Firstly, they receive the page and cut up the strips along with their booklet page – which looks like this:

I let my students color in the image before they cut it up as it will become harder to color it in after they have glued it into their booklet.
They read the words and have fun guessing the image while connecting the words to the image.

I like to check their sentences before they glue it in – just in case. I then write the sentence on the board and have them self-check it. They can be used for morning work or homework as they are simple to cut up for the class and hand them out!

They also write the sentence next to the picture as they read it. It makes for a great learning and fun experience! There is a freebie in my store of three sentence pages that you could try with your students and the full pack link is below.

Click on this picture to get the freebie.

Click on the picture below to take you to the pack in my TPT shop.


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