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Alphabet Identification Activity Roll and Color Easter Themed

There are many ways to practice alphabet identification skills! I love finding new and fun ways to get kids learning their alphabet sounds and print formation. This activity incorporates both sounds and print. The kids will identify the letters associated with the dice number and once they roll they will color the letter shown on the dice! So much fun and I find that the kids usually hold competitions on who will finish coloring their eggs first!

This activity will pair well with The Spring ESL Mixed Skills Activity Pack.


This activity is easy to set up and play!

To play:

  • print as many sheets as you need for the class (one for each student).
  • instruct the students to use one dice to roll and identify the letter that they land on.
  • They keep going until all their ‘eggs’ have been colored.
  • Encourage the kids to say the sound of the letter out loud.

I usually do this activity after we’ve been practicing alphabet reading and tracing and alphabet beginning sounds activities. My students always need help with identifying letter sound skills.


This activity was made using clipart from DORKY DOOLES.

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