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Addition within 5 Apple Themed Dough Strips

I’m so excited to be kicking off this first book themed activity with some fun addition within 5 dough activity strips. The best part about these dough strips is that they can be used with any type of counters, you can use apple mini erasers, dough or counters! If you’re looking for some apple themed literacy activities, check out these CVC apple themed cut and paste activities.

We are kicking off the school year with apple themed activities for the Virtual Book Club for Kids!  Today I’m sharing a super simple way for your kiddos to practice addition within 5.

Like I mentioned earlier, this week’s Virtual Book Club is all about apples too! Our highlighted book is Ten Red Apples! (Image below is an Amazon affiliate link:)

This activity will pair well with my Number Bears Math Skills for Kindergarten Activity Pack.


These fun apple themed addition within 5 strips will have your kids wanting to learn pronto!

To prepare


These addition strips will help kids identify that joining two sets of numbers will make a total. This activity will get them to show the different numbers with items (colored dough).

To play

  • Stack the strips on the side and have each group of students or individual student choose one strip at a time.
  • Have the kids read the numbers on the strip and identify how many dough balls they need of each color.
  • Once they’ve started, get them to begin making their ‘apples’ with dough.
  • They count and place the apple dough balls into each box.
  • They do this again for the number on the right but with a different dough color.
  • You can alternatively have them color in or dab the boxes with different colored dry erase pens.


Ready to download the FREE addition within 5 strips?


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Looking for some more addition activities? These egg carton addition ideas are perfect for small group activities, class activities or even a homeschooling/tutoring environment. The best part about these is that you could easily prepare them with recyclable materials. Who doesn’t have egg cartons lying around? Kids will love showing their work with these hands-on activities.

egg carton addition teaching ideas

Head on over to A+ Teaching Resources for the full instructions on how to set these addition games up in your classroom.

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