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12+ Addition Games Kindergarten Melting Snowman Cards Free

Kids love interactive and engaging ways to learn math, especially in their early years. Addition games for kindergarten not only make learning fun but also lay a strong foundation for numerical concepts. One such delightful game that combines learning with winter charm is the Melting Snowman Cards activity.

These fun number sense activities are perfect for kids learning to use their reasoning and counting skills to understand equations.

Looking for engaging addition games for kindergarten? See 12 addition games plus the new and free Melting Snowman Cards activity which is a winter-themed delight! Kids solve snowball equations and watch their answers come to life by placing cotton balls on the snowman. It's hands-on math that's both fun and educational!

This activity engages kids in solving addition equations through a creative and enjoyable process. Let’s explore how these snowball and snowman cards create a playful learning environment perfect for young learners.

Engaging Kindergarteners in Math Exploration

Kindergarten is a crucial time for children to grasp fundamental mathematical concepts. Addition games for kindergarten, like the Melting Snowman Cards, offer a hands-on approach that encourages exploration and comprehension.

By incorporating visual aids like snowballs and snowmen, children can better understand and internalize mathematical operations in a playful setting. These games not only build their math skills but also foster a positive attitude towards learning.

Components of the Melting Snowman Cards

The Melting Snowman Cards comprise two key elements: the snowman card and the snowball cards.

The snowman card serves as the canvas for the game, featuring a cute snowman gradually melting.

Meanwhile, the snowball cards contain addition equations.

Kids choose a snowball, read the equation on it, and then place the corresponding number of cotton balls onto the melting snowman, showcasing their answers in a visual and interactive manner.


The beauty of the Melting Snowman Cards lies in their simplicity and ease of preparation. Gathering the materials for this engaging addition game for kindergarteners is effortless, and most items can be found around the house or easily obtained.

Looking for engaging addition games for kindergarten? See 12 addition games plus the new and free Melting Snowman Cards activity which is a winter-themed delight! Kids solve snowball equations and watch their answers come to life by placing cotton balls on the snowman. It's hands-on math that's both fun and educational!

Snowman Card Template

You’ll need a printable snowman card template as the base for the activity. These templates are readily available online or can be created with simple drawing tools. Ensure the snowman design is clear and visually appealing for the kids.

Snowball Cards

Create or print snowball-shaped cards, each containing an addition equation. These cards are the heart of the game, featuring various simple addition problems suitable for kindergarten level math.

Cotton Balls

Gather a bunch of cotton balls to represent snowballs in the activity. These soft, fluffy balls serve as a tactile and interactive way for kids to showcase their answers on the snowman card.

Glue or Sticky Tac

Use glue or sticky tac to adhere the cotton balls onto the snowman card. This helps in creating the melting effect as kids add the cotton balls as their answers to the equations.

Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils

Have these on hand for coloring or decorating the snowman card. Kids can add their artistic touch to the snowman, making the activity even more enjoyable.


For cutting out the snowman and snowball cards if they’re not pre-cut. Adult supervision might be needed for this step.

Optional: Laminator (and laminating pouches)

If you prefer durability for repeated use, laminating the snowman and snowball cards can be beneficial. It allows for the cards to withstand multiple rounds of play without damage.

These easily accessible materials make the Melting Snowman Cards a convenient and cost-effective addition game for kindergarten classrooms or home learning environments.

Adjust the quantity and design of materials according to the number of children participating and get ready for an exciting math-filled activity!

Having these materials at hand ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience, allowing children to focus on the math concepts while having fun with the winter-themed activity.

How to Play the Melting Snowman Game

Playing the Melting Snowman Game is a delightful way to engage kindergarteners in learning addition concepts while enjoying a winter-themed activity. Follow these simple steps to set up and play the game:

Prepare the Materials:
Gather the snowman card template, snowball cards with addition equations, cotton balls, glue or sticky tac, markers or coloring materials, and scissors (if needed). Ensure everything is easily accessible for the kids.

Download the snowman template cards here. Click on the image below or on the subscribe button to get the printable directly sent to you!

Looking for engaging addition games for kindergarten? See 12 addition games plus the new and free Melting Snowman Cards activity which is a winter-themed delight! Kids solve snowball equations and watch their answers come to life by placing cotton balls on the snowman. It's hands-on math that's both fun and educational!

Introduce the Activity:
Explain the game to the children, showing them the snowman card and the snowball cards. Describe how they’ll solve the addition equations on the snowball cards and represent the answers by placing the corresponding number of cotton balls onto the snowman.

Decorate the Snowman:
Encourage the kids to decorate the snowman card using markers, crayons, or colored pencils. This step adds a fun and personal touch to their game board.

Select a Snowball Card:
Have each child choose a snowball card containing an addition equation. They should read the equation aloud or with assistance if needed.

Solve the Equation:
Using their math skills, guide the children to solve the equation on the snowball card. For instance, if the card shows “2 + 3,” the answer would be 5.

Place Cotton Balls:
Once they’ve found the answer, demonstrate how to place the corresponding number of cotton balls onto the snowman card. For “2 + 3 = 5,” they would place five cotton balls on the snowman’s surface.

Continue Playing:
Allow each child to take turns selecting snowball cards, solving the equations, and placing the cotton balls onto the snowman accordingly. Celebrate their correct answers and provide guidance if they encounter difficulties.

Observe the Melting Effect:
As the game progresses, the snowman will begin to ‘melt’ as more cotton balls are added, showcasing the answers to the equations. This visual representation makes learning addition both interactive and memorable.

Conclude and Discuss:
Once all the equations have been solved and represented on the snowman, take a moment to review the completed snowman card. Encourage discussion about the math concepts covered and congratulate the children on their efforts.

Optional Extension:
For added fun, encourage the kids to come up with their own addition equations or create their snowball cards to challenge their peers.

Playing the Melting Snowman Game introduces mathematical concepts in an engaging and hands-on way, fostering a positive attitude towards learning addition among kindergarteners. Encourage teamwork, celebrate achievements, and most importantly, have fun with this interactive math activity!

Teaching Math with Hands-on Learning

The beauty of addition games for kindergarten, such as the Melting Snowman Cards, lies in their ability to transform learning into a fun-filled experience.

Through hands-on activities like counting and placing cotton balls on the snowman, children not only solve equations but also develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, the visual representation of the equations aids in better comprehension, making math more accessible and enjoyable.

Kindergarten Addition Games

There are tons of free ideas and games to work on kindergarten addition, and using printable games is one of my favorite ways! I’ve listed some more ideas below you can use to target addition skills.

Math Picture Puzzle Addition Printables

These picture puzzles are some of my favorite ways to get kids working on their counting AND addition skills. These math picture puzzles are themed and can be used throughout the year, they are also perfect for independent work, morning work and more. You can see the entire bundle of math picture puzzles here.


Christmas Gingerbread Addition Picture Puzzles

Another SUPER fun printable task I use to work on addition is this fun gingerbread math picture puzzles. These are some of my favorite. I print them out, have the kids working on them in small groups.

Free CHristmas Math Puzzles (2)
Free Christmas Math Puzzles (2)

Christmas Tree Counting and Addition

Like this fun Christmas tree counting with links activity, kids will use links to work out the number on each side to decorate the tree.

Christmas tree addition activity

Dinosaur Addition Mat (Busy Book printable)

Check out this super cute dinosaur themed counting and addition activity. We use this year round!

Peg Dinosaur Counting and Addition Mat
Peg Dinosaur Counting and Addition Mat

Scarecrow Counting and Addition

Another fun activity I love is this scarecrow counting links activity, it’s the same idea as the Christmas tree above. We work on one to one correspondence skills as well as number identification skills. You can also have them add the two sides together.

scarecrow counting and addition activity

Beach Bucket Addition Mat

One of my favorite activities is this fun beach themed addition activity, kids will practice addition and learn all about equations and work on dice skills. You can this this printable from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

beach bucket addition mat

Christmas Sleigh and Addition

This super cute sleigh counting and addition activity will get the kids excited about working on math skills. They will use their reasoning and number identification skills to add the matching number of links, they can then add the links together on each card and record this! Get this free printable from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Santa sleigh addition activity

Counting fried chicken activity

This one is so much fun! Kids will have a blast counting the chicken pieces and placing them inside each bucket, turn this into an addition game by having them counting two buckets and add them together. Get this one from 123 Homeschool 4 Me too.

fried chicken addition and counting

Benefits Beyond Math Skills

Beyond mastering addition, these games offer additional benefits. They encourage teamwork and social interaction when played in groups, fostering communication and collaboration among peers.

Additionally, the thematic winter elements stimulate creativity and imagination.

Children can invent stories about the snowman while reinforcing their mathematical knowledge, making learning a multi-faceted and immersive experience.

Incorporating engaging activities like the Melting Snowman Cards into kindergarten math lessons can significantly impact a child’s learning journey.

These addition games for kindergarten not only reinforce math skills but also nurture creativity, teamwork, and a positive attitude towards learning.

So, gather some cotton balls, print out your snowman and snowball cards, and let the fun learning begin! Have you tried similar activities? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Remember, learning through play is a fantastic way to instill a love for numbers in our little ones. Share your thoughts and experiences with addition games for kindergarten below and let’s keep the learning journey fun and engaging for our kids!

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