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Gingerbread Color Match Hands on Activity Cards Toddlers will LOVE!

Gingerbread Color Match Pompoms Activity Cards: Last week we did a gingerbread color match activity which had Bella using her fine motor skills to place each pom pom on the colored circles shown on each gingerbread man card.

This fine motor color matching activity is a perfect one to use during November and December with preschoolers. Read on to find out more and pick up these fun gingerbread men cards at the end of this post!

Gingerbread Color Match

The holiday season is the perfect time to engage little ones in festive and educational activities.

I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to keep my toddler entertained while promoting learning.

One fantastic activity I’ve discovered is the “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” for toddlers.

In this blog post, I’m excited to share how this activity can provide hours of entertainment and skill development for your little one.

This activity is so easy to setup and use.

What you’ll need:

  • printer
  • laminator
  • colored pom poms (can pick these up in any dollar store or kmart)

Gingerbread Color Match Activity

What we did first is make sure Bella knows her colors. So we went over the basic colors of the pom poms, I held out a pom pom and I asked Bella ‘What color is this pompom?’ and she’d answer with ‘red, blue, yellow or green’ .

This activity included the colors green, blue, red and yellow. Bella is almost two years old so was able to complete this activity with minimal help.

She was having trouble distinguishing between the green and the blue but in time this will become easier for her to identify.

Easy Color Match Gingerbread Task Cards

What exactly are these “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” task cards, and why are they so great for toddlers? Well, let me walk you through the basics and explain why this activity is a must-try this holiday season.

Understanding the Activity

The “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” activity consists of task cards that feature adorable gingerbread men of different colors.

Each gingerbread man has an empty space for your toddler to fill with a pom pom of the corresponding color.

The objective is simple: match the color of the pom pom to the gingerbread man’s color on the task card.

Benefits of the Activity

This engaging activity offers several benefits for toddlers:

  1. Color Recognition: One of the primary advantages is that it helps toddlers learn and reinforce their color recognition skills. They get to identify and match colors while having fun.
  2. Fine Motor Development: The act of picking up a pom pom and placing it accurately in the gingerbread man’s space is excellent for fine motor development. It hones their hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  3. Focus and Concentration: Completing the task cards requires concentration and focus. This activity helps toddlers practice and improve these crucial skills.
  4. Independent Play: The “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” activity is designed to be toddler-friendly, allowing them to play independently or with minimal supervision, making it an excellent choice for busy parents.
  5. Festive and Fun: The festive gingerbread theme adds a touch of holiday cheer to the learning process. It makes the activity more exciting and inviting for toddlers.
Christmas activity booklet printable

How to Use the Gingerbread Task Cards

Using the “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” task cards is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to engage your toddler in this delightful holiday activity:

  1. Print the Task Cards: Start by printing out the task cards, which you can easily find and download online. Make sure you have an adequate number of cards to keep your little one engaged.
  2. Gather Pom Poms: Next, gather an assortment of pom poms in various colors. Ensure they match the colors featured on the task cards.
  3. Introduce the Activity: Present the task cards to your toddler and explain the objective. Tell them that the goal is to match the color of the pom pom to the gingerbread man’s color on each card.
  4. Demonstration: If your toddler is unfamiliar with the activity, consider demonstrating the process with one or two task cards. Show them how to pick up a pom pom and place it on the gingerbread man. This step-by-step demonstration can be incredibly helpful.
  5. Independent Play: Once your toddler understands the concept, encourage them to play independently. You can place a stack of task cards and a bowl of pom poms within their reach. Let them explore, make matches, and enjoy the process.
  6. Guided Play: If your toddler is having difficulty, offer guidance and support. Sit with them and provide assistance when needed. Gradually, as they become more confident, they can play without your direct involvement.
  7. Reinforcement: Use positive reinforcement to motivate your toddler. Praise their efforts and celebrate each successful match. You can also set small rewards or challenges to make the activity even more exciting.
  8. Variation: To keep the activity engaging, consider introducing variations, such as timed challenges or competing with friends or siblings. This adds an element of friendly competition and further enhances their skills.

The images above are from our Christmas busy book printable binder.

So I told her that we need to match the pom pom colors to the colors of the buttons on each gingerbread card.

She understood this quickly and began matching the pom poms. It helps to add though that we’ve been doing lots and lots of color matching activities with counters and colored chips so Bella knew the drill as she’s done this type of activity before.

As a match extension activity, Bella and I counted how many pom poms we were placing on the gingerbread.

She’s far too young to understand match concepts at the moment but she is already getting the hang of counting as we do this.

You might also love this super cute gingerbread craft from Teaching Autism.

I love incorporating Christmas fine motor printable activities to our morning tubs!

Creating Additional Learning Opportunities

The “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” activity can serve as a gateway to additional learning opportunities. Here are some ideas to expand on the learning experience:

  1. Color Mixing: Teach your toddler about color mixing by allowing them to place two pom poms of different colors in one gingerbread man’s space. This can create a fun exploration of new colors.
  2. Counting: Incorporate counting into the activity by asking your toddler to count the number of pom poms they’ve placed on each card. This reinforces their counting skills.
  3. Vocabulary: Expand their vocabulary by discussing the names of colors and encouraging them to name the colors as they make matches.
  4. Storytelling: Make it a storytelling activity by creating a narrative about the gingerbread men. Give each gingerbread character a name and a personality, and ask your toddler to tell a story involving the characters as they make matches.
  5. Holiday Decor: Once your toddler has completed the task cards, you can transform their creations into holiday decorations. Display the gingerbread men as a festive garland, and your child will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Christmas Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Click on the links below to access these fun activities and freebies for the festive season.

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Download this super cute free counting mat here –> Christmas Counting Games Activities

Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Task Cards

The “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” activity is a wonderful example of how learning can be seamlessly integrated into play.

By matching colors and engaging in this hands-on task, your toddler not only hones essential skills but also has a blast while doing so.

Before you download this free pack, you agree to the following:

  • This set is for personal / classroom use only.
  • All clip-art used in this pack are used with permission.
  • This printable may not be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system.
  • All materials on this website are copyright protected.
  • You may not distribute this resource to a large number of teachers / personnel. Please refer them to this website to download their own copy.

Ready to download your copy of these fun fine motor cards? Use the form below to grab your own copy!

If you want to checkout the big bundle of Christmas fine motor activities, here it is right on TPT.

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I cherish the moments when my child is learning through play. It’s during these moments that I see the spark of curiosity and wonder in their eyes.

The holiday season provides an ideal backdrop for such activities, and the “Christmas Gingerbread Pom Pom Color Match” is a fantastic way to make learning fun and festive.

So, grab those task cards, pom poms, and let the holiday learning adventure begin!

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