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8 Best Reading Apps for Kids

Kids these days are growing up in an era where they are surrounded by technology. Sometimes, these are beneficial, find 8 of the best reading apps for kids.

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Childrens Language Learning Apps

Kids are exposed to screens of all sizes and shapes, and they use them in their leisure time as well as for their school work. The question is, how does this affect a child’s development?

The answer to that question is not simple. Technology can be used for both good and bad.

It can help kids learn about the world or it can distract them from learning altogether. The key is to find the balance between technology and other ways of learning (like books).

That’s why I commonly share digital activities here on the blog too, kids need exposure to both. Print and hands-on materials as well as digital apps.

Reading Apps Free

1- Find the difference (Egg Fun)

Sea of Knowledge previously recommended this fun picture app to help kids discriminate visually between two different items. It’s also a great tool to aid teachers in thinking of creative ways to deliver language lessons to kids. Talking about the pictures and their features is a great way to get kids working on language and literacy.

reading apps for students
Reading apps for students

Its hints and scores feature motivates kids to work on the activities either on their own or with their parents. Best of all, it’s totally free!

2. Gus on the Go
Gus the penguin is one of the more popular characters in language learning for kids. It calls itself a “language learning adventure”, which is pretty spot on. The game takes kids through 10 lessons and includes free printables.

Each completed lesson unlocks new games, which can help motivate your kids in their development. It’s available in 30 languages, allowing children from across the world to experience the fun game.

The app requires a one-time purchase of $5.25. A great and must have Children’s Language Learning App!

best reading apps for 10 year olds

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3. Peekaboo Barn

Learning Apps for Kids

For those who want their kids to be more familiar with animals, Tootsa recommends the interactive app Peekaboo Barn. It has engaging animation that can capture a kid’s attention right away.

Some of its notable features are the multi-language setting, which allows your child to learn in a new language, and the voice recording feature, which is a fun way to personalise your kid’s playing experience.

It has an affordable price tag of $3.49, and many positive reviews will convince you to give it a go.

Reading Apps for Kids: Free

4. Pacca Alpaca

best learn to read apps free

Cute animal guides can help young ones learn lessons in a more enjoyable manner. Pacca Alapaca is one such app, and it features an adorable blue alpaca that assists kids in learning words, shapes, numbers, and colours.

The app offers many languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. This is another app that’s completely free, so you don’t have to worry about accidental in-app purchases.

5.  Duolingo

bets reading apps for 1st graders

Duolingo provides both children and parents with a fun learning experience. It’s a great tool for bonding with your child if both of you want to learn a new language. It has a clean interface, lots of languages, and fun ways to test your skills. It’s free to use, but has in-app purchases.

reading apps for students

6. Kids Vocabulary, Grammar & Language Learning Games
This app is made for kids ages 5 and under, which is great for those who are starting out in the world of languages. Business Insider commends the app for its personalisation features, allowing each child to learn differently.

Free Reading Apps for Kindergarten

It also allows a parent to register up to four kids in one app, which is a nifty feature for big families. The app is free, but the full version costs $5.25. They also have subscription plans available in case you want to unlock more lessons.

7. Kids Academy

reading apps for students

One of the more versatile apps in this list, Kids Academy is not only a great language app – it’s a handy overall learning app. It’s great for kids who are starting to familiarise themselves with words, numbers, and other concepts.

It’s recognised as a good companion app for toddlers who are about to start nursery. The app also has games that allow kids to sort, match, and classify objects, which are perfect for language learning and recall.

8. Sign Language: Fun Learning for Kids

best apps for autism

It’s truly great that children now live in a world where diverse learning is supported. Having a sign language app for kids is a testament to that fact. Babble praises Sign Language: Fun Learning for Kids for being comprehensive yet child-friendly. This is a must add for the list of Children’s Language Learning Apps.

The app uses videos and pictures to convey its message. Popular children’s rhymes like The Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider make the app as endearing as it is helpful.

Benefits of learning apps for kids

The benefits of learning apps for kids are numerous. They can increase their vocabulary, develop their creativity and even teach them to spell!

Learning apps for kids are a great way to introduce them to new subjects without the pressure of a formal lesson. They can also be used as an educational supplement or as a fun activity after school.

Article solely written for: seaofknowledge.org

Produced by: Poppy Blair

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