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Chicken Life Cycle Activities FREE

Chicken Life Cycle Activities FREE

Who loves teaching about life cycles?? I think everyone does!! 🙂

I love the crafts that come with teaching life cycles. They are visual and so much fun for the kids! Here are 5 awesome activities I’ve rounded up from Pinterest and they’re FREE!

  1. Chicken life cycle puzzles freshly made by the Sea of Knowledge for April 2016. These are free for subscribers only! So make sure you subscribe on the bar at the top or RIGHT HERE AT THIS LINK to get them in your inbox now for a limited time only!

Grab these puzzles now at the shop link. >>>>> CHICKEN LIFE CYCLE PUZZLES



2. Chicken life cycle posters – these are absolutely AWESOME and describe each part to the life cycle process. They from Peggy Means and you can get them from this link HERE.

3. Chick Anchor Chart/Poster: This activity is a great anchor chart or poster to build and keep in class. Find the link HERE.

4. Life cycle craft paper plate: this is a great craft and an easy one to make with materials you most likely have laying around! Get the link HERE.

5. Chicken Life Cycle Interactive Wheel: this activity is so much fun! Kids will love the interactive aspect of this activity. Find it HERE.

Chicken Life Cycle Interactive Wheel Craft FREEBIE!

Until next time! 🙂

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