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Chicken Life Cycle Puzzles + Five for Friday 26.3.16


Hi peeps! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week a tad late lol.

We are closing in on the term and it has been C.R.A.Z.Y. We have a new program up to put in results and let’s just say that this ‘new program’ isn’t exactly going down well with all staff (it has become a nightmare) to say the least!

Anyway, it does make things easier once they have been put up and all is well.

  1. This week, I posted 5 free activities you can use to learn all about the chicken life cycle check out the post HERE! They are all free and if you sign up tot he newsletter, you will get these new set of puzzles. **limited time offer** 🙂


2. This week, my ESL students worked on getting some sentence practice with the latest sentence cut and paste activity pack specifically designed for ESL kids. ESL students find it especially difficult to work with verbs so these phrases make it easier on them! They cut the jumbled words and then glue the sentences in arranged order along with their pictures.



3. I love looking for new children’s books for the library. I especially love finding books to teach social and emotional concepts. Here’s a great pin that I found with a list of these books! Pin link HERE.

15 Books That Teach Social-Emotional Skills:

4. Next week I will be working on some beginning sounds with my students, I will be using these alphabet puzzle cards in a new way. I will be putting the puzzle pieces into a bin with pom poms and then the students looks for the puzzle pieces and puts them together – I will be doing two letters at a time in a small group of 2-3. 🙂

I needed something to assist the children in matching uppercase and lowercase letters along with their pictures and words. These puzzles help the students identify the letters all along read the words and build upon their literacy skills. The best thing about these is that they are very suitable for visual & ESL learners.

5. I recently made quite a few of these quotes to hang in the learning center, will definitely be posting these soon on the blog so look out for them! 🙂


Until next time! 🙂

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