Kindergarten Sight Words

Fun & Free Popcorn Words Kindergarten Printable Game

Teaching high frequency words in kindergarten are essential for the students to learn and use. These super fun popcorn words kindergarten printable pack will be a hit!

Sight words are the building blocks of reading, writing, and speaking.

FREE popcorn sight words game for kindergarten
FREE popcorn sight words game for kindergarten

Students will learn these high frequency words by sight vocabulary or phonics. Teachers can implement more games and activities to have kids learning these words in a fun way.

I love creating free sight word worksheets!

Learning kindergarten sight words

Young readers need more exposure to common words like sight words used in everyday texts. Flash cards are a great way to start, however, kinder students respond well to games.

High-frequency words learned with games are the best kind of activities to help English language learners also acquire new words.

The best way to have kids reading new words? Use this great resource below on popcorn words and they will be hooked!

Popcorn Words Kindergarten Game

This printable pack includes the full list of pre-primer and primer words in a table, then three recording sheets. Use with pre-k, ESL or kindergarten students.

You can even add your own words to the printable by writing the words on the empty template.

Popcorn words kindergarten
Popcorn words kindergarten

Print the cards and scrunch them up. Place them inside a popcorn box or create the box using the template provided.

The words can also be used on index cards.

This game isn’t limited to kindergarten, you can even modify this to be used with students up to 3rd grade.

Kindergarten Popcorn Words

Younger children will especially love moving around the room and finding these ‘popcorn words’. Have the words scattered across the room and then the students will be frantic looking for the important sight words to read.

It’s kind of like a word search game but with a movement activity in the classroom!

Popcorn words kindergarten
Popcorn words kindergarten

Each student can carry a clipboard and color words as they find and read them.

This set includes Dolch word lists for pre-k and k.

You can add fry sight word list words also on a separate piece of paper and use the template to add the words.

It’s best to start wit simple words in kindergarten. This super fun game will go a long way for kindergarten teachers.

Their kids will be on their way to improving their reading fluency in a fun way!

More sight word games:

Sight Word Games

If you need more hands on and free sight word activities, and free printables for toddlers, prechoolers and kindergarten kids.

Check out these printable resources below to work on sight word reading and writing fluency.

Free popcorn words game PDF file

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Popcorn Sight Words Game

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